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NM-IBIS Acknowledgments

New Mexico's NM-IBIS Website was implemented using software developed by the Utah Department of Health. The software was downloaded from Utah's IBIS Community of Practice website and software repository.

New Mexico Department of Health

As with any information system implementation, high-level organizational support is crucial. Executive managers in New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) have provided not only support but have succeeded in creating an organizational culture in which data are used for evidence-based decision-making.

  • Michael Landen, MD, MPH, State Epidemiologist and Director, Epidemiology and Response Division

The current health indicator content has been produced and maintained by NMDOH staff throughout the Department. Data Stewards are responsible for providing the datasets that are used in the query system.

Various NM-IBIS users' groups have provided guidance on NM-IBIS content and priorities over the years.

Software Developers

The Salt Lake City-Based IBIS software developers, Garth Braithwaite, Software Technology Group (STG), and Zhiwei Liu, M.S., continue to provide innovative solutions. They have been patient, responsive, and creative and deserve much credit for the IBIS product used in New Mexico and other IBIS states.

Capable I.T. support for the IBIS-PH software is provided to IBIS Community of Practice members by Paul Leo at Software Technology Group.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Assessment Initiative

In 2002, and again in 2007, New Mexico was awarded funding through the CDC's Cooperative Agreement to Support State Assessment Initiatives (CFDA # 93.283). This Assessment Initiave (AI) funding was instrumental in development of the IBIS-PH software at the Utah Department of Health, and has supported, in part, the activities of the New Mexico Department of Health Community Health Assessment Program, under the direction of Corazon Halasan, and now Lois Haggard. It was essential to the implementation of the NM-IBIS website in New Mexico.

U.S. Department of Education Race to the Top, Early Learning Challenge Initiative

In 2013, New Mexico was awarded funding through the U.S. Department of Education's Race to the Top, Early Learning Challenge Initiative (CFDA Number: 84.412). One of the goals of the initiative was to improve early childhood education outcomes and to use data to improve instruction, practices, services, and policies. A portion of that funding was used to enhance the data visualization capabilities of NM-IBIS, including interactive data charts and maps for both query results and indicator reports, and continuing work on dashboard-type visual displays for important health and education indicators.

States or others wishing to adopt the IBIS-PH technology should contact Navina Forsythe at, or visit the IBIS Community of Practice homepage at

Government Open Source Conference Award
NM-IBIS - Winner of the 2009 GOSCON award for Open Source in State Government
The information provided above is from the New Mexico Department of Health's NM-IBIS web site ( The information published on this website may be reproduced without permission. Please use the following citation: "Retrieved Sat, 29 January 2022 from New Mexico Department of Health, Indicator-Based Information System for Public Health Web site:".

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