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NM-IBIS Contents and Use

NM-IBIS: New Mexico's Public Health Data Resource

You may also visit the "ABC's of NM-IBIS" page for some tips on how to get started using NM-IBIS.
  • The most frequently-requested information may be found in DOH publications on the Health Data page of the New Mexico Department of Health website. Publications typically contain detailed numerical data and graphs along with supporting contextual information.
  • NM-IBIS Health Indicator Reports also answer frequently-asked questions. Use the Health Topics tab, located toward the top of this page, to see the available health indicator reports. The Indicator Reports section also contains the Community Profile Reports section that allows the user to view information for a given community. Special Reports include multiple indicators for a given health topic.
  • The NM-IBIS Query System allows you to query public health data directly. Use the Dataset Queries tab, above, to access a variety of health dataset query modules. Once you select a dataset, you can specify data filtering criteria to produce data tables, graphs and maps.
  • Public health resources and specific NM-IBIS help, please check the Resources and Help page for additional information, dataset-specific help, epidemiology concepts, definition of terms, and many other resources.
  • Use the Glossary and Index to find specific information.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions, or suggestions for additions or improvements to this web page or the NM-IBIS website.

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