org.ibisph.charts Provides classes and interfaces for the ibisph indicator profile and query charts.
org.ibisph.dao.chart Provides interface for the IBIS-PH indicator profile and query chart DAOs.
org.ibisph.dao.chart.xml Provides DAO classes for the IBIS-PH indicator profile and query result XML documents which load the XML data into a ChartData object.
org.ibisph.dao.xml Provides an XML Xinclude mechanism.
org.ibisph.filter Provides servlet filtering for the IBIS-PH site.
org.ibisph.filter.add Provides special filters for the IBIS-PH site that add headers or parameters to HTTP request or response objects.
org.ibisph.filter.artifact Provides a caching mechanism for the specified URI patterns.
org.ibisph.filter.graphic Provides filter which converts SVG content to a rasterized bitmap graphic for those users who do not have the SVG browser plugin installed or for those users who want to have their graphics displayed as a raster and not as vector SVG.
org.ibisph.filter.gzip Provides a GZIP compression filter (and response wrapper, wrapped stream) for part/all content generated by the application. Provides a mechanism to search for embedded WIKI text code and replace it with the associated HTML.
org.ibisph.mvc.controller Provides the common base controllers/code.
org.ibisph.mvc.controller.indicator Specific Indicator Profile related Spring MVC controllers.
org.ibisph.mvc.controller.query Specific Query related Spring MVC controllers. Specific Query related Spring MVC controllers.
org.ibisph.mvc.model Provides classes and interfaces for the data beans needed for ibisph HTML content pages, indicator profile pages, query pages, maps and charts.
org.ibisph.mvc.view General purpose Spring MVC Views.
org.ibisph.resource General purpose file and application related resources.
org.ibisph.util Provides a mix of different helper static abstract library type calls.
org.ibisph.xslt Provides an XSLT factory that handles caching of thread safe transformer/transformation objects, and a couple of transformation helper objects.