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IBIS-Q System Documentation - System Configuration

This page provides an overview on how to configure the application. This includes sections on the "web.xml" file, deployment property file, and the Spring bean configuration files. This page contains a description of the files used to control and configure the system. These files include:
  • web.xml - Web application file which contains filter definitions, servlet definitions, error page mapping, and a few other web application items.
  • -
  • Spring bean configuration files - contains


This page provides a discussion about the application's web.xml (filter and servlet init params, filter and servlet mapping, general error handling page(s), welcome page, mime types), site specific/deployment specific property file, the Spring Framework bean configuration files, and how to specify different file directory locations. Also discussed are the options of how to control artifacting and gzip response compression.

Disable filters see the filters page for a description on each. - bean file orgainization bean names list of bean files properties configuration only logging, date formats, xml paths xslt paths o deployment specific properties ibisq url possibly some email addresses date formats o /index.html - if wanting to go to the query main page etc. LOGGING uses the properties in the common.xml and inits the statis class... admin system address ibisq url, logging control, email address - not sure where used??? - maybe jsp??? filename is specified in the common or dispatcher xml file also contains logger and ibis q url. How to control logging How to set xml and xslt paths How to set the property file. Why not beans??? IBIS-Q URL - comes from property file Date formats
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