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IBIS-Q System Documentation - Creating Dynamic Variables

Dynamic Variables

Dynamic variables are dynamically defined by the CGI application based on the group file. This means that the groupings for the variable do not exist in the SAS dataset. The groupings, such as 2000-2003, are defined in the group file. Dynamic variables accomplish three main purposes:
  1. Code does not need to be replicated in SAS.
  2. Size of SAS data is decreased because a new variable does not need to be created.
  3. Updates are easier to manage when categories are changed.

For CGI to be able to define a dynamic variable, the following data conditions must be met:
  • The variable must not be grouped. For example, to define a dynamic year or age variable, single years or single years of age must be in contained in the data.
  • Within a rate related measure, the population data must include the same continuous variable, for example, single years or single years of age.

Setting Up Conditions for Dynamic Variables

To establish conditions for the CGI to define a dynamic variable:
  • Designate the variable as a dynamic variable by setting type2 as "3" in the configuration file (see the age variables, lines 42-47).
  • Create a group file with the name_html as the name of the file. Use a .grp extension. The name_html must be the same that is used in the xml module file and in the configuration file. (See Group File.)


File name: data_set.cfg (last section, variable list)
value name_sas name_html name_saspop variable&label type1 type2 note 

Note: For Dynamic Variables type2 = 3. (See Configuration File for more information.)

File name: namehtml.grp (See Group File.)
1 (range in data)
2 (range in data)
3 (range in data)


File name: mort.cfg file. (See Configuration File.)
2 age AgeGrp4 age Age&of&Death num 3 4
3 age AgeGrp7 age Age&of&Death num 3 4
4 age AgeGrp8 age Age&of&Death num 3 4
5 age AgeGrp11 age Age&of&Death num 3 4
6 age AgeGrp18 age Age&of&Death num 3 4
7 age AgeGrp9 age Age&of&Death num 3 4

File name: AgeGrp4.grp.
1 0-14
2 15-44
3 45-64
4 65+

Note: There are no spaces after 14, 44, 64, 65+.
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