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IBIS-Q System Documentation - FAQ

Overview - FAQ

This document provides answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) and Troubleshooting tips for the IBIS-PH Query System's module development. The first section lists the FAQs, while the last section gives a general decision tree that can be used to help locate and diagnose the problem.

This section discusses some of the frequently asked questions on module development.
What do I name my file? The file name can be whatever you choose as long as it menu button points to your file name for the selection file and the selection file points to you module file.
What sub directory/folder should I put my file in? For the selection and module files they should go in the folder for that module located in the tomcat559\webapps\ibisph-view-2\xml\query\module folder for your localhost.
How do I test my just created module? How do I check that my module is the correct structure and well formed? Refer to the Testing and Troubleshooting documents for steps and helps in testing modules.
How do I remove a non related step, selections, or group by dimension choice for a measure? Steps, selections and dimensions can be excluded from specific measures by using the CRITERIA, EXCLUSIONS tags within the CONFIGURATION tag for that measure. See the Query Module Example file, lines 75-85.
I'm done with my module now what am I supposed to do with it? Follow the publishing procedures for your organization. In general, completed modules should be tested and checked into the repository. Files in the repository will be used for the next deployment.

Troubleshooting for Localhost Testing

This section discusses the process of determining where the problem is. This assumes you have a working PC with Internet Explorer 6.0+ or Netscape Navigator 6.0+ also properly working.

Can you bring up your module page on your PC?
After you have started Tomcat use the URL http://localhost/ibisph-view-2/query/selection/ (module folder)/(module selection file name).html
Example URLs: http://localhost/ibisph-view-2/query/selection/pop/PopSelection.html http://localhost:8080/ibisph-view-2/query/selection/pop/PopSelection.html
  1. No.
    Check to make sure Tomcat is running. Try http://localhost/
    • Page not found.
      Tomcat and/or the ibisph-view system has a problem. Call the system administrator.
    • Home page displayed.
      Does your module name match exactly your module's filename which should be in the tomcat/webaspps/ibisph-view/xml/query/module directory?
      • Yes
        Does your measure name exactly match a measure name contained within your module xml file? This value should be in one of the /QUERY/MODULE/MEASURES/MEASURE/NAME elements.
        • Yes
          Is your document well formed? (Refer to the Testing document for further instructions.)
        • No
          Make it well formed and test again.
      • No
        Fix the name and test again
    • Is tomcat throwing an exception (bunch of text displayed in the Tomcat output window). Look at the first few lines of the exception error and sometimes this gives line number of offending XML code.
      • Yes
        Was Tomcat exception helpful?
        • Yes
          Fix and try again.
        • No
          Take a screen shot of the exception and email/call system administrator
      • No
        Start the Tomcat service and try again.
  2. Yes
    Run a query. Does it return data?
    • Yes
      Are the results are accurate?
      • Yes
        Move on to the next measures.
      • No
        Check the SAS code/output. Refer to the Testing and Troubleshooting documents for steps and helps in testing modules.
    • No
      Refer to the Testing and Troubleshooting documents for steps and helps in testing modules.
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