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IBIS-Q System Documentation - Installation, Configuration, Customization Main Index

This page provides a brief overview of the system with the main index links to more detailed system installation, configuration, and customization information for the IBIS-PH View System.

Main Installation, Configuration, Customization Index

  • View System Requirements - Recommended hardware, operating systems, server software, and software & hardware dependencies
  • Tomcat Setup Notes - Covers such topics as "conf/server.xml", "conf/web.xml", xml parsers, how to deploy a war, how to deploy manually, JVM memory settings, installing as tomcat vs. root user, and how to startup/stop down.
  • XML Parser Notes - Describes important infomation concerning the Java Application Server's JVM wide XML parser.
  • Application's Directories and Files - Files to Deploy - Table of all directories with a description of that directories contents are and when applicable, a description of specific files (like control files etc.). This also points out which directories are static and which ones can be changed and where those changes need to be reflected in which configuration file.
  • Development Environment - Discusses how to setup a development enviroment. This includes what tools to download, where/how to work with source files, how to create the WAR deployment file etc.
  • Deployment Configuration - Provides a discussion about the applications web.xml (filter and servlet init params, filter and servlet mapping, general error handling page(s), welcome page, mime types), site specific/deployment specific property file, the Spring Framework bean configuration files, and how to specify different file directory locations. Also discussed are the options of how to control artifacting and gzip response compression.
  • User Interface Response Customization Overview - Provides a basic description of what can be customized and migration best practices, as well as the main customization index.
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