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IBIS-Q System Documentation - Issues

This page lists the current issues and potential future features of the IBIS-PH View System.


  • AgileBlox Chart title wrapping, not 100% complient SVG, verticle bar chart title and legend ordering.
  • Artifact File Deletion object for publishing controller
  • Admin System Preview only shows JPEG
  • Exception thrown within "view" Rendering is NOT able to be caught by Spring's RequestDispatcher servlet
  • Transformer exception can NOT get locator message

Potential Features

  • Create CVS repository and associated ANT build file(s)
  • Page XML Publishing
  • Query Module XML Publishing
  • Replacement of the DHTML Javascript Milonic menu system with a pure HTML solution.
  • Replacement of the Indicator Profile Categorized Index TreeView DHTML Javascript system with the "Selection" XSLT with Javascript solution developed for the Query Module Selection and Module pags. These same techniques could also be adopted to other lengthy pages.
  • Integrate Search Engine (Google)
  • New data storage structure to match IBIS-Q XML
  • Community Profiles - new data storage and user interface XSLTs
  • Indicator Profile display options based on new storage structure
  • Indicator Profile Maps
  • AgileBlox chart replacement to either XSLT or open source charting or another commercial package.
  • Update Admin System to use Spring MVC Framework
  • Admin System Owner Page to use UMD
  • Updated Admin system documentation
  • Replace current logging Standard Logging Mechanism
  • Exception Email notications
  • IBIS-Q and Cross1-3 to n dimensions
  • Admin user interface to build XML module files
  • Page PDF output option
  • Ability to save and recall defined module queries
  • Controller to reload the RequestDispatcher servlet's controllers (configuration)
  • Controller to clear the XSLT cache
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