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View System Documentation - Content Management - Publishing Policy

This page gives a brief overview of how Utah publishes content on the web. Listed below are the main type of content and how they are published:

  • Indicator Profiles

    Indicator Profiles are published via the IBIS-PH Data Administration application/system.

  • IBIS-PH View XML files

    Listed below are the typical steps a content manager takes when updating XML content files (assumes they have a local deployment of the IBIS-PH View application with a local Subversion repository already setup):
    1. Get latest file(s) from the main repository and put into local repository
    2. Edit the content on the local machine
    3. Test changes locally. Watch the console log for errors that might not be shown on the output page.
    4. Repeat the edit/test cycle until the changes are correct and the error log looks normal.
    5. Check changed files into the repository with associated message on what was modified etc.
    6. Next day test changes on the test server
    7. Fix any problems that might arise. Some things that may be problematic are when files are created and tested on a MS-Windows machine which as case insensitive filenames and they are deployed to an operating system like Linux where the filenames are case sensitive.
    8. When all changes appear okay on the test server, notify the designated web content approver/gate keeper.
    9. The content gate keeper will then do a cursory test on the test server. If all looks good they will then notify the system administrator that they need to do a deployment.
    10. The system administrator will then deploy the associated ".war" file to the production server as instructed.
    11. The system administrator will then notify the gatekeeper that the application was deployed.
    12. The gate keeper will then again do a cursory test on the production server to verify that the changes are there and working.

  • Other/Application Files

    This content is modified by web or Java developer. Their process is the same as that for any XML content except that deeper testing is needed in both their local environment and on the test server. The depth depends on what was changed.

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