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View System Documentation - Query Module IBISQ Application PARAMETERs

This document discusses the special IBIS-Q control parameters. PARAMETER elements define name/value pairs that are "hard coded" values sent to the backend IBIS-Q CGI application. They are "hard coded" in the sense that the user does not see them nor do they have any way to change them.

Parameters have the following elements:
  • NAME

    Required and specifies the name of the parameter to be sent to the backend IBIS-Q application via an HTTP GET.

    Required and specifies the value of the parameter to be sent to the backend IBIS-Q application via an HTTP GET.

    Optional "Flag" that tells the view system to create this parameter as a "hidden" HTML input element. This allows javascript the ability to modify the parameter before it is sent to the backend. The BRFSS and Mortality modules use this feature.

PARAMETER elements may be defined at two levels within a Query Module file. Within the "QUERY_MODULE" root element (QUERY_MODULE / PARAMETERS / PARAMETER), or within a CONFIGURATION element (QUERY_MODULE / CONFIGURATIONS / CONFIGURATION / PARAMETERS / PARAMETER). Note that there can be as many PARAMETER / NAME and VALUE elements as needed. The CONFIGURATION PARAMETER elements and QUERY_MODULE PARAMETER elements form a "unioned set" based on the NAME and VALUE elements.

Listed below is a table that describes some of the common parameters; the name, typically defined level, typical values, and what it controls.
Typical QUERY_MODULES Defined PARAMETER Elements
Name Typical Values Description
config /srv/ibisq/qmodule/ pop/pop.cfg Path and filename of the main configuration file. This file is the main file that IBISQ uses to store other filenames and base SAS procedure information. It must exist on the IBISQ server and be accessible by the app. Typically, this file (and all other related files) are stored in a directory structure based on the module dataset ("pop" in this example).
form 1, 21, 22 Optional parameter that controls the type of data output to be generated by IBIS-Q. This value is required but is listed as optional here because this value is almost always defined in the .cfg file. 1 and 22 = XML, 11 = HTML.
response_ head_content XMLResponse.head Optional parameter that is typically defined with the .cfg file. This parameter specifies the filename who's contents will prepended to the actual query result XML elements. The data within this file should be the XML declaration statement and the opening, main root XML container element. Example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <IBISQ_QUERY_RESULT>
response_ tail_content XMLResponse.tail Same as above but the XML content to be added at the end of the query result elements. This should be the closing tag of the main root element. Example:

sas 0, 1, or 2 Controls IBISQ returning SAS debug information. If the value is zero or if the parameter element doesn't exist then no extra SAS type information is returned. The query module XML will contain this data within the IBISQ_QUERY_RESULT element. This value should only be used by a module developer to debug the back end SAS system when there are problems. It should always be set to "0" for production deployments.

1 - returns the actual SAS program generated/used.
2 - returns the SAS log file.
test 0, 1, 2, 4 Controls IBISQ returning paths, and variables' debug information. Like the sas parameter, the results will show in the XML file and should only be used for debugging.

Core Values:
1 - returns the configuration 
    file contents.
2 - returns the IBISQ variable 
4 - returns the user's values sent 
    to the IBISQ system.

Derived Values (additive so that 
multiple data items can be returned):
3 - options 1 and 2
5 - options 1 and 4
6 - options 2 and 4
7 - options 1, 2, and 4.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently this option causes the results to not be displayed. This is due an XML parsing problem. In the old system this information is returned as part of the HTML page and can be viewed simply by invoking the IBISQ query directly from the browser via the URL within the XML file
func Count.def, Percent.def, CrudeRate, ... Required. This value specifies the backend "function" type file to be used to build the appropriate SAS proc code which queries and calculates the desired data measure. This is typically tied to and named the same as the measure and configuration.
_Row, _Column, _Other, GroupBy DimensionName Year, GeneralHlthStat, ... Optional value that defines/controls the "cross" type IBIS-Q parameters. If a _RowGroupByDimensionName PARAMETER is defined then the builder page will NOT show the standard display step as this parameter specifies how the rows should be grouped by. Maps typically specify this value and should not show the display step. The _Row causes the system to generate a "cross1" IBIS-Q parameter. If _Col* is specified then "cross2" is created using this value. Also, the standard display step shows that the column data is grouped by this and is not selectable. Setting the "_Other" will cause the system to generate "cross3" and will likewise cause the standard display step to show the 3rd group by dimension but will not be selectable.

Parameters that begin with an underscore "_" character are considered to be view system only and will NOT be sent to the backend IBIS-Q application. This value is user defined in the WEB-INF/config/spring/query.xml Spring config file.

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