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IBIS-Q System Documentation - Query Module Selection Example


The measure selection file lists all the measures available for that dataset. Each measure points to a specific configuration within a module file. These configurations can all be located within the same module file or they can be split up into several different module files. Optional help buttons can be used to give further information about the measure listed. The measures can be grouped together in folders that will open when the user clicks on them. There can be as many layers as needed and as many sections as needed.

More information about this type of file is given in Creating a Query Module.


File Name: ModuleSelection.xml
  <NAME>File name</NAME>
  <TITLE>Page Title</TITLE>
  <DESCRIPTION>Mouse over description</DESCRIPTION>
    . . .
      <TITLE>Section title</TITLE>
        <TITLE>Selection title</TITLE>
            <TITLE>Help button mouse over</TITLE>
            <TEXT>Pop up text</TEXT>
          <TITLE>Measure title</TITLE>
          <DESCRIPTION>Mouse over description</DESCRIPTION>
            query/builder/(folder)/(module file name)/(measure name).html
        . . . 
    . . . 


File name: MortSelection.xml (excerpt)

2	  <ibis:doc>
3	    <name>query/module/mort/MortSelection</name>
4	    <summary>Query Module Selection definition</summary>
5	    <description></description>

6	    <author>Shandra Burnett</author>
7	    <company>Utah Department of Health</company>
8	    <versions>
9	      <version>
10	        <number>2.1</number>
11	        <date>Dec 11, 2007</date>
12	        <who>Garth</who>
13	        <description>Generalized Structure</description>
14	      </version>
15	      ...
16	    </versions>
17	  </ibis:doc>

18	  <NAME>MortSelection</NAME><!--name of file-->
19	  <TITLE>Mortality Query Module</TITLE><!--title for top of page-->
20	  <DESCRIPTION>Mortality 1980-present</DESCRIPTION><!--mouseover-->
<!--overview has its own blue bar, can have as many paragraphs 
within this tag as necessary-->
<!--standard way to xinclude an overview paragraph-->
22	    <ibis:include href="overview/MeasureSelection.xml"/>
23	    <OVERVIEW>
24	      <TEXT>Use Quick selection to select a measure from the   
	      Mortality module from 1999 and later, by county and LHD.   
	      Use Advanced selection to select data from other years  
		  or to select data by small area.</TEXT>
25	    </OVERVIEW>
<!--each section starts with a blue bar, can have as many as needed-->
28	    <SECTION>
<!--text on blue bar-->
29	      <TITLE>Quick Selection (Click here for most commonly used 
<!--selections/selection tags can be nested creating as many layers as you  
want, upper layers show as folders, final selection tags show as pages-->
30	      <SELECTIONS>
<!--text beneath blue bar-->
31	        <TITLE>Select from this list to query deaths from 1999 and   
	        later by county and health district. For earlier years (1998    
	        and before), small areas and maps, use Advanced Selection 
32	        <SELECTION>
<!--help button to right of selection-->
33	          <ibis:include href="help/CountDeath.xml"/>
<!--title of selection, shows as a clickable link to query builder page-->
34	          <TITLE>Counts</TITLE>
35	          <DESCRIPTION>Number of deaths in the selected population,  
	          geography, and time period.</DESCRIPTION>
36	          <LOCAL_URL>
37	        </SELECTION>
38	        <SELECTION>
39	          <ibis:include href="help/CrudeRateDeath.xml"/>
40	          <TITLE>Crude Rates</TITLE>
41	          <DESCRIPTION>Number of deaths per 100,000 
42	          <LOCAL_URL>
43	        </SELECTION>
44	      </SELECTIONS>
45	    </SECTION>
46	    <SECTION>
47	      <TITLE>Advanced Selection (Click here for Small Area,   
	      Years 1998 and before, Comparability Modified)</TITLE>
48	      <SELECTIONS>
49	      </SELECTIONS>
50	    </SECTION>		  
51	  </SECTIONS>
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