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View System Documentation - HTML_CONTENT XML Element Definitions

This page describes the "HTML_CONTENT" type XML document elements. "HTML_CONTENT" XML documents are simple HTML content containers that allow for static HTML type pages to be built and displayed in/by the IBIS-PH View System. The HTML page is built via some Java code that resides on the server. This Java code performs an XML/XSLT transformation which produces a resultant HTML file. This page describes the elements. For how these pages are used see the XML HTML_CONTENT Content Management page which covers best practices, basic XML issues and non-standard HTML oddities that need to be addressed, URL Addressing, and how to view/test a HTML_CONTENT page.

XML Elements

Element NameXSLT UsageDescription
HTML_CONTENTParent container element.
  TITLE Page.pageTitle
Required text that is used for the page's HTML title element and the main content title.
  DESCRIPTION Page.metaDescription Optional text that is put into the HTML META element's "description".
  KEYWORDS Page.metaKeywords Optional text that is put into the HTML META element's "keywords".
  OTHER_CSS Page.otherCSS Optional CSS links and/or CSS style definitions that the page needs which are not included within the "page.xslt", or the imported "SiteSpecific.xslt", or "Page.xslt" XSLTs. CSS definitions really should be kept within separate CSS files so that these styles are localized and more maintainable which also aids other site deployments.
  OTHER_SCRIPT Page.otherScript Optional extra Javascript file links and/or embedded Javascript definitions that the page needs that are not included within the "page.xslt", or the imported "SiteSpecific.xslt", or "html.xslt" XSLTs.
  OTHER_HEAD_CONTENT Page.otherHeadContent Optional extra HTML HEAD content. This should not be used for CSS or Javascript but for extra meta tags etc.
  CONTENT Page.content This is the main element that is used and contains the page's HTML content. This content does NOT include the HTML/BODY tags, banners, headers, left navigation, or any footers. All of the previously listed content is provided by the html and site specific XSLTs. This content is simply the right hand text body or core content of the page.
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