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View System Documentation - Reports Overview

The IBIS-PH View System provides several reports which can be used to help content managers and application developers understand, document, maintain and test the system. Listed below are the main types of reports available:

  • CSS Usage Reports - Provides several cross reference type reports that list the CSS class usage by either the XSLT which generates HTML code, or the static content PAGE XML files.
  • XML and XSLT File Indexes - These two reports are API and document revision history type reports. They list the XML and XSLT files available with detail pages providing more specific information and a revision history.
  • Query Module Reports - There are several reports that deal with Query Module and Module Selection files. Information provided by these reports include answer names over the entire system, answer names within a module file, file xincluded by a parent file, files which link to an xinclude file, and a report which lists the configurations within a Module file (along with the option to exercise that module's default selections).
  • System Information JSP Reports - There are two JSP which provide basic information about the IBIS-PH View application. This information includes servlet, request, HTTP, and other information which is available to a servlet. These pages are helpful when determining how much memory the app server has, what versions of the JVM and servlet container are etc.
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