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Directory Structure and Overview

This page describes the basic file directory structures and lists special non site specific files. Dynamically generated or site specific content type files are not documented but the directory structure describes the types of files that are stored within. This directory structure is based on a starting path of the Java application server's "webapps" directory. Contained within this "webapps" directory are all the applications that exist for that app server. In the case of the IBIS-PH View application/system this is typically "ibisph-view".

Naming Convention

The Naming Conventions page shows a more detailed definition of all conventions. Below is a quick file overview. User defined data files which are generated by or maintained by content managers are in the xml directory and are of the "MixedCase.xml" form. All other files and directory names are considered "system" files with most being of the "lower_case.ext" form. Exceptions to this rule are Java class files as the Java language standard dictates this, the Javascript files, XSLTs, and some CSS files. The WEB-INF and META-INF directory names are also mandated by the Java Web Application standard. The intent of this naming standard is to provide content managers a clue as to the files they can/should maintain. The system files that are all lower case are named this way to help when deploying the app to case sensitive operating systems like Unix/Linux.

Note that the site specific XSLT files are lower case and that the CSS files have some files lower and some mixed. This is by design again to provide some insight on what that file contains and its intended usage. Even though these files are site specific they typically do not change and should be maintained by a web designer and not a typical content manager type user.

[Java App Server dir]/webapps/ibisph-view Application's directory structure - root css HTML Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) files image All static images used by the site. The root of this directory contains general images like the header graphic, site URL icons etc. button Graphical button images. This includes the submit, reset, and save buttons. menu Graphical menu related images. This includes the left navigation tab and top menu tabs. tree Graphical collapsible tree images. This includes the folder, document, and missing images. js All Javascript files used by the site. Each file is named according to the type of object definition contained within. The IBIS-PH View script files are not a collection of generic functions. This functionality is incorporated into an object. map Javascript needed to control the interactive SVG map graphic. jsp System information, test, and error jsps META-INF Standard webapp directory. This directory can contain a "context.xml" file which will add approp context definitions thus not requiring an IT system admin to have to manually set any context elements in the app server. This folder can also optionally contain a "MANIFEST.MF" file which specifies additional meta information for the JAR. See MANIFEST.MF file. For example, MANIFEST.MF can be used to extend the CLASSPATH used by the EJB module see Accessing the Stubs JAR from the EJB Module. This directory is not served/accessible by clients. The contents are visible to servlet code via the getResource() and getResourceAsStream() calls on the ServletContext.

WEB-INF Standard webapp directory which contains all the IBIS-PH View Java Class files, dependent Java library archives (JAR files), property and Spring configuration XML files. web.xml Standard web app config file. Contains servlet mapping, filter mapping, HTTP error handling, mime type configuration and more. javascript:return(false); config Contains the "site_specific properties" file and the Spring bean XML configuration files. common_agileblox_chart_properties.acxml Basic AgileBlox Chart properties. This includes colors, fonts, chart width etc. javascript:return(false); Contains IBIS-Q URL property, sys admin email address, the admin app's IP address used to filter/ID the requester for security reasons, and the logger control/levels. javascript:return(false); spring Contains the Spring bean definition XML control files. chart.xml Chart related definitions. javascript:return(false); common.xml IBIS-PH View System's common Spring properties. These properties are used by several different modules/packages within the system. These common properties include core base XML/XSLT paths, common controllers, logging control etc. javascript:return(false); community.xml "Community Profile" specific module related Spring definitions resources, controllers, and views. javascript:return(false); dispatcher_servlet.xml Spring MVC Dispatcher Servlet Properties. These properties configure which controller handle to which request(s) (URL mapping). javascript:return(false); home.xml Home Page specific definitions. javascript:return(false); indicator.xml Indicator Profile type page specific definitions. javascript:return(false); phom.xml PHOM report specific Spring configs javascript:return(false); publications.xml Publication Pages specific Spring configs javascript:return(false); secure.xml Secure page specific definitions. javascript:return(false); security.xml Spring Security configuration/definitions. javascript:return(false); query.xml Query page specific definitions. javascript:return(false); view.xml Generic View XML/XSLT controller configuration definitions. javascript:return(false); lib Contains the dependent Java object libraries (jar files) abchart.jar AgileBlox SVG chart package/objects. javascript:return(false); batik*.jar Batik objects - converts SVG to raster/bitmaps images. javascript:return(false); dom4j*.jar Package that is used when creating and working with XML elements. This code simplifies creating and manipulating the XML document elements and facilitates Xpath selections. javascript:return(false); ibisph-view-v*.jar IBIS-PH Java objects. view/control/Overview.html jaxen*.jar XPath engine required/used by the dom4j code. javascript:return(false); saxon9.jar XSLT Processor package. javascript:return(false); saxon9-dom4j.jar Package that allows Saxon to interface with dom4j XML documents javascript:return(false); spring*.jar Spring bean and MVC packages javascript:return(false); xercesImpl*.jap DOM SAX JAXP Parser used by Batik, Saxon (XSLT) and anything that does DOM javascript:return(false); xml Container for all XML data files. See the XML Model page for more information. charts.xml Valid chart definitions. This XML file is currently only used by the Query Result page to display the available charts that can be selected. It is at the root of the XML files because (1) it is published via the Data Admin app and (2) it can be useful for those wanting to allow the Indicator Profile pages the ability to choose a different chart. javascript:return(false); org_units.xml Valid values organization unit information which is also published via the Data Admin system. The XSLT looks up this information based on the ORG_UNIT_NAME element value contained within Indicator Profile XMLs and Query Module XMLs. javascript:return(false); community Community profile related available community definitions, indicator profile set definitions, comparative values, and valid indicator profiles by community type. files FILES/FILE type element files. This includes query module and selection lists, a PAGE type file list, and a list of the system's XSLTs. home Home related XML files. SiteMapSelection.xml SELECTIONS structure that contains the site map organized by topic. javascript:return(false); html_content Container for HTML_CONTENT type XML files. This includes all static type "Home" pages on the site. indicator Indicator HTML_TYPE type XML files as well as the Admin System published Indicator Profile files. This also include a prototype Indicator Profile set definition. categorized_index.xml Categorized index XML structure. This structure is specified and published via the Data Admin system. javascript:return(false); published_profiles.xml XML structure which is a list of published indicator profiles. This file is updated via a publish controller. javascript:return(false); html_content Container for HTML_CONTENT type XML files. This includes all static type "Indicator Profile Report" pages on the site. profile Container for all indicator and indicator view XML files. map Map related data files. This includes map layer definitions used by the map.xslt. It also contains any "Map" PAGE type files. choropleths.xml Defines the values and colors to be used for shading a map based on the measure value. javascript:return(false); layer Container for all the map layer files (SVG). menu Contains the menu SECTION/SELECTIONS/SELECTION definitions. These files are used by the XSLT code to define the static menu navigation menu items. phom PHOM related content. This includes any PAGE type XML element files as well as the page.xml file that lists the sequence of the pages that should be shown in the online PHOM report. pages.xml General list structure that defines the HTML_CONTENT pages as well as the profile view pages that comprise the PHOM report. javascript:return(false); html_content Container for HTML_CONTENT type XML files. This includes all static type "PHOM" report pages on the site. publications PHOM related content. This includes any PAGE type XML element files as well as the page.xml file that lists the sequence of the pages that should be shown in the online PHOM report. OPHAPubsList.xml XML structure that contains the OPHA publications. This list has the topical title as well as a date so that both indexes can be generated from this one list file. javascript:return(false); html_content Container for HTML_CONTENT type XML files. This includes all static type "Publication" pages on the site. query Contains query module definitions, query selection definitions, and query related PAGE element definitions. html_content Container for HTML_CONTENT type XML files. This includes all static type "Query" pages on the site. module Container directory for all query module files. xslt Container for all XSLT (XML Stylesheet) files. See the XSLT Design Documentation page for more information. _ibis.xslt javascript:return(false); html Container directory for all HTML producing XSLTs. community Community profile related XSLTs. home Home related XSLTs. indicator Indicator HTML_CONTENT, Profile, and Index related XSLTs. phom PHOM related XSLTs. publications Publications HTML_CONTENT and OPHA index related XSLTs. query Contains query module builder, selection definitions, query result, HTML_CONTENT element definitions, and query module report XSLT code. svg Container directory for all SVG producing XSLTs. query SVG Query XSLTs. Map.xslt XSLT that produces the SVG map. javascript:return(false); xml Container directory for all XML producing XSLTs. query/module Query related XMLs. ConfigurationIncludeCriteriaExclude.xslt XSLT that handles query module XML ibis:includes. javascript:return(false);
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