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User Preference and System Cookies

This section lists the user preference cookies used by the system. The table below shows the cookie name, a brief description, what page the cookie is set/created/controlled on and what page(s) use the cookie value.

Cookie Name Description
GraphicType Controls the type of chart or map graphic image HTML page the system will build for the Indicator Profile view, PHOM view, and Query result pages. This value is set to "SVG" or "JPEG" and defaults to "JPEG" if the cookie is not present. The controllers read the cookie value and set the value as a parameter that is passed to the XSLT that creates the appropriate HTML image elements for the HTML page.

Used On: indicator/view/*.html, indicator/complete_profile/*.html
phom/view/*.html, phom/expanded_view/*.html

Set On: home/GraphicPreference.html
QuerySelectionShowOnEntry Controls what to display on entry.
"OVERVIEW" = Only display the Overview section for that query module and hide all other sections and steps when first entering the page.
"ALL" = Overview, all sections, steps, questions and answers.
"FIRST_SECTION" = Only show the first step.

Used On: query/module/*/*.html

Set On: query/module/*/*.html, query/ModulePreferences.html
QuerySelectionShowStep Controls how to display the steps/sections questions and answers.
"CURRENT_ONLY" = Hide previous step/section and show the new current step/section. "ALL_SELECTED" = Show all questions and answers which have been selected. "ALL_VISITED" = Show all steps/sections questions and answers visited/expanded.

Used On: query/module/*/*.html

Set On: query/module/*/*.html, query/ModulePreferences.html
QuerySelectionAutoAdvanceNextStep If the current step's selection is a single selection list or radio button then setting this cookie value to "AUTO_ADVANCE" will cause the system to auto open the next step when current radio/single list selection choice is made.

Used On: query/module/*/*.html

Set On: query/module/*/*.html, query/ModulePreferences.html
QuerySelectionAutoSubmit If this cookie's value is set to "AUTO_SUBMIT" then the system will set a query module XML element that specifies that the "confirmation" page will auto submit for the query results. If this cookie is not set to "AUTO_SUBMIT" then the confirmation XSLT code will build a page that the user will need to press a submit button on to continue.

Used On: query/module/*/*.html, query/*/confirmation.html (via controller).

Set On: query/module/*/*.html, query/ModulePreferences.html
QuerySelectionSavePreferences If this cookie value is set to "SAVE", then all the query module type preferences are saved to persistent cookies. This cookie's value is also saved and used for any subsequent changes which causes the system to update those changed values. If the item is not selected (e.g. not set to "SAVE"), the settings will be in effect for the current session only.

Used On: query/module/*/*.html

Set On: query/module/*/*.html, query/ModulePreferences.html

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