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IBIS-PH Documentation - View System Introduction

The IBIS-PH View System is the application that provides the public access to health data which includes static content, health indicator profile reports, and an interface which allows custom queries of SAS public health datasets. It is the system that is not grayed out in the System Architecture figure. Following the Architecture Figure the main categories of IBIS-PH View system documentation are listed.

The View System documentation includes information on high level view of the IBIS-PH View System's architecture, System Design (goals, Features, History), Requirements, How HTTP Requests Flow, URL Mapping to the associated XML/XSLT files, Files, Dependencies, Artifacting of transformations, installation, configuration, customization, Tomcat Setup, how to build the deployment package, query interface/response page customization, XML content management and data files element descriptions, XML Tutorials, HTML page design (508 Compliance, Javascript menus, scaleable fonts), CSS, XSLT Page Design, API Docs (for Java, XSLT, and XML files), user preference Cookies, Javascript, Adobe SVG Viewer Browser Plugin, URL Options, Java servlet code architecture, Spring Framework, and Java Servlet filters.

arch diagram
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