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View System - Implementation Overview

This page is the main Functional Information index for the IBIS-PH View System. Listed below are links that provide implementation "how things work" detail about the inners of the IBIS-PH View System.

Main Implementation Pages Index

  • Request Flows - Describes how requests are handled/mapped through the system
  • Resource Addressing - How URL resource addresses are resolved to physical files
  • Java Servlet Filters - Describes how Java Request/Response Filters are used by the application
  • Request Artifacting - System's XML/XSLT transformation caching mechanism - how it works and what the issues are.
  • Error Handling - How the application deals with internal errors
  • ibis:include - The ibis:include element
  • URL to XSLT/XML Transformation Mapping Magic - Describes the process of how a static ".html" page URL is broken down by the system to determine which XSLT and which XML data content to dynamically transform/create the requested HTML page. This also discusses the Java web application's "web.xml" and the Spring Framework's Bean XML configuration files and how these settings work.
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