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Complete Health Indicator Report of Alcohol - Alcohol-Related Death


Alcohol-related death is defined as the total number of deaths attributed to alcohol per 100,000 population, age-adjusted to the U.S 2000 Standard Population. The alcohol-related death rates reported here are based on definitions and alcohol-attributable fractions from the CDC's Alcohol-Related Disease Impact (ARDI) website [].


Number of alcohol-related deaths in New Mexico


New Mexico Population

Data Interpretation Issues

According to the CDC's Alcohol-Related Disease Impact (ARDI) website [], there are 54 causes of death considered to be at least partially attributable to alcohol. These include 35 alcohol-related chronic diseases (e.g., liver cirrhosis, alcohol dependence); and 19 alcohol-related injuries (e.g., motor vehicle crashes, poisonings, falls, homicide, suicide). Alcohol-related deaths are estimated by multiplying the total number of deaths in a cause-of-death category by the percent of deaths in that category that are considered to be caused by alcohol. This percent, the so-called alcohol attributable fraction (AAF), can vary from 100% for causes of death that are completely related to alcohol use (e.g., alcoholic liver disease, alcohol poisoning); to less than 100% for causes that are only sometimes related to alcohol use. For example, per CDC ARDI, the AAF for portal hypertension is 40%. This means that 40% of deaths from portal hypertension are considered to be caused by alcohol use. The AAF for homicide is 47% and for suicide is 23%. The AAF for alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes is age- and gender-specific, ranging from 49% for males ages 25-34 to 8% for females ages 65 and over. For more information on the AAFs used here see the CDC ARDI Methods webpage [].

Why Is This Important?

The consequences of excessive alcohol use are severe in New Mexico. New Mexico's total alcohol-related death rate has ranked first, second, or third in the US since 1981; and 1st for the period 1997 through 2010 (the most recent year for which state comparison data are available). The negative consequences of excessive alcohol use in New Mexico are not limited to death but also include domestic violence, crime, poverty, and unemployment, as well as chronic liver disease, motor vehicle crash and other injuries, mental illness, and a variety of other medical problems. Nationally, one in ten deaths among working age adults (age 20-64) is attributable to alcohol. In New Mexico this ratio is one in six deaths.

Healthy People Objective: SA-20, Decrease the number of deaths attributable to alcohol

U.S. Target: 71,681 deaths

Other Objectives

Substance Abuse Epidemiology Report Indicator, New Mexico Community Health Status Indicator (CHSI)

Evidence-based Practices

There is a large body of evidence on effective strategies to prevent excessive alcohol use and alcohol-related harm. In the past decade, this evidence base has been the subject of numerous systematic expert reviews to assess the quality and consistency of the evidence for particular strategies; and to make recommendations based on this evidence. These expert reviews have recently been summarized by the NMDOH. The following list summarizes the evidence-based prevention strategies that are well-recommended by experts; and that could be more widely or completely implemented in New Mexico to reduce our alcohol-related problems: []. The following is a bit more information on prevention in general, and alcohol-related prevention in particular. Primary prevention attempts to stop a problem before it starts. In New Mexico, primary prevention of alcohol-related health problems has focused on regulating access to alcohol and altering the alcohol consumption behavior of high-risk populations. Regulatory efforts have included increasing the price of alcohol (shown to be effective in deterring alcohol use among adolescents), establishing a minimum legal drinking age, regulating the density of liquor outlets, and increasing penalties for buyers and servers of alcohol to minors. DWI-related law enforcement (e.g., sobriety checkpoints), when accompanied by media activity, can also be an important form of primary prevention, increasing the perceived risk of driving after drinking among the general population. Secondary prevention efforts try to detect and treat emergent cases before they cause harm. Screening and brief interventions (SBI) for adults in primary care settings is an evidence-based intervention to address problem drinking before it causes serious harm. Implementing this intervention more broadly in New Mexico primary care settings could help reduce our serious burden of alcohol-related chronic disease and injury. Tertiary prevention involves the treatment of individuals diagnosed with alcohol use disorders so they can recover to the highest possible level of health while minimizing the effects of the disease and preventing complications. According to the most recent estimates from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), [], roughly 130,000 New Mexicans report past-year alcohol dependence or abuse, indicating an acute need for treatment. However, fewer than one in ten people in need of treatment receives it. Nationally, the most common reasons that people who need and seek treatment do not receive it are because: they have no health insurance and cannot afford the cost; they are concerned about the possible negative effect on their job; or they are not ready to stop using.

Available Services

Doctors, nurses and other health professionals should screen all adult patients and counsel those who drink too much to drink less. This is called alcohol screening and brief intervention (A-SBI). A-SBI can reduce how much alcohol a person drinks on an occasion by 25%. A-SBI is recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), the Community Preventive Services Task Force (Community Guide), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and the World Health Organization (WHO). For more information on A-SBI, please the CDC vital signs website: [].

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Graphical Data Views

Alcohol-related Deaths by Year, New Mexico, 1990-2016

::chart - missing::
confidence limits

NM vs. U.S.YearDeaths per 100,000 Population, Age-adjustedLower LimitUpper LimitNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 71
New Mexico199046.643.150.36691,541,270
New Mexico199146.242.749.96771,569,738
New Mexico199246.443506971,598,357
New Mexico199344.240.947.76791,626,900
New Mexico199444.541.247.96971,655,444
New Mexico199545.141.848.57191,683,987
New Mexico199647.143.950.67691,712,531
New Mexico199745.742.549.17631,741,074
New Mexico199844.241.147.57511,769,618
New Mexico199945.242.148.57831,798,161
New Mexico200048.645.451.98631,828,596
New Mexico200147.744.651.18621,851,525
New Mexico200247.944.851.28801,874,593
New Mexico200350.547.353.99451,897,658
New Mexico200449.246.152.59321,920,756
New Mexico200548.645.551.89381,943,827
New Mexico200650.647.553.99951,966,890
New Mexico20075450.857.41,0791,989,996
New Mexico200853.550.356.91,0802,013,064
New Mexico200950.547.553.81,0402,036,124
New Mexico201049.446.452.61,0422,065,194
New Mexico201153.550.456.81,1442,083,725
New Mexico201254.451.357.71,1732,091,432
New Mexico20135349.956.31,1492,095,156
New Mexico201459.456.162.81,2962,098,381
New Mexico201565.762.269.31,4262,099,856
New Mexico20166662.569.61,4562,103,586
United States199030.9
United States199130.2
United States199229.3
United States199329.4
United States199429.2
United States199528.7
United States199628
United States199727.3
United States199826.9
United States199926.1
United States200026.1
United States200126.6
United States200227.2
United States200327.4
United States200427.4
United States200527.8
United States200628.1
United States200728.3
United States200828.2
United States200927.6
United States201027.9
United States201128.5
United States201229
United States201329.4
United States201430.1
United States201532.2

Data Notes

Rates are age-adjusted to the 2000 US standard population.   Alcohol-related deaths were defined by underlying cause of death based on International Classification of Disease version 9 (ICD-9) codes; and alcohol-related deaths for 1999 and later were defined by underlying cause of death based on International Classification of Disease version 10 (ICD-10) codes.

Data Sources

  • New Mexico Death Data: Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics (BVRHS), New Mexico Department of Health.
  • Population Estimates: University of New Mexico, Geospatial and Population Studies (GPS) Program,
  • U.S. Data Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, ]]

Alcohol-related Deaths by County, New Mexico, 2012-2016

::chart - missing::
confidence limits

Rio Arriba and McKinley counties have the highest rates of alcohol-related death, with rates more than twice the state rate and more than three times the national rate. Several other counties (Cibola, Mora, San Juan, San Miguel, Socorro, Taos, Sierra, Catron, Guadalupe, Quay, and Hidalgo) have a substantial burden (20 or more alcohol-related deaths per year) and rates over the state of New Mexico, and more than twice the U.S. rate.
CountyDeaths per 100,000 Population, Age-adjustedLower LimitUpper LimitNoteNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 35
De Baca41.2083.8*59,673
Dona Ana39.735.843.64231,080,117
Los Alamos28.217.438.92990,230
Rio Arriba144.1126.8161.3290199,981
San Juan76.369.383.3472628,595
San Miguel73.959.388.4111142,799
Santa Fe55.750.361.1450738,799

Data Notes

Rates are age-adjusted to the 2000 US standard population.

Data Sources

  • New Mexico Death Data: Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics (BVRHS), New Mexico Department of Health.
  • Population Estimates: University of New Mexico, Geospatial and Population Studies (GPS) Program,
  • U.S. Data Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, ]]

Alcohol-related Deaths by Age, Sex and Race/Ethnicity, New Mexico, 2012-2016

::chart - missing::
confidence limits

Age: 0-24, 25-64, 65+Sex and RaceDeaths per 100,000 PopulationLower LimitUpper LimitNoteNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 72
1. Age 0-24Male, American Indian29.82237.656188,003
1. Age 0-24Male, Asian/Pacific Islander6.2015.6*227,007
1. Age 0-24Male, Black15.94.727.1*848,923
1. Age 0-24Male, Hispanic16.113.718.51691,051,430
1. Age 0-24Male, White12.29.215.262512,333
1. Age 0-24Male, All Races16.314.418.12981,827,696
1. Age 0-24Female, American Indian12.37.317.323186,890
1. Age 0-24Female, Asian/Pacific Islander2.408.5*125,536
1. Age 0-24Female, Black4.9011.6*241,860
1. Age 0-24Female, Hispanic53.66.4511,016,745
1. Age 0-24Female, White4.22.36.120466,307
1. Age 0-24Female, All Races5.54.46.6961,737,338
1. Age 0-24Both Sexes, American Indian21.116.425.779374,893
1. Age 0-24Both Sexes, Asian/Pacific Islander4.4010*252,543
1. Age 0-24Both Sexes, Black10.84.117.6*1090,784
1. Age 0-24Both Sexes, Hispanic10.69.212.12202,068,176
1. Age 0-24Both Sexes, White8.46.610.282978,639
1. Age 0-24Both Sexes, All Races111012.13943,565,034
2. Age 25-64Male, American Indian332.4308.4356.4734220,708
2. Age 25-64Male, Asian/Pacific Islander23.89.638*1145,242
2. Age 25-64Male, Black8865.5110.45967,156
2. Age 25-64Male, Hispanic119.9113.7126.11,4411,201,742
2. Age 25-64Male, White89.68495.29891,103,982
2. Age 25-64Male, All Races123.4119.2127.73,2572,638,831
2. Age 25-64Female, American Indian138.4123.6153.2336242,514
2. Age 25-64Female, Asian/Pacific Islander11.12.419.8*656,715
2. Age 25-64Female, Black33.216.849.61647,433
2. Age 25-64Female, Hispanic39.736.243.34841,217,214
2. Age 25-64Female, White38.234.641.84261,116,561
2. Age 25-64Female, All Races47.644.950.21,2752,680,436
2. Age 25-64Both Sexes, American Indian230.8217244.61,069463,222
2. Age 25-64Both Sexes, Asian/Pacific Islander16.78.824.717101,957
2. Age 25-64Both Sexes, Black65.350.580.175114,589
2. Age 25-64Both Sexes, Hispanic79.67683.11,9252,418,956
2. Age 25-64Both Sexes, White63.860.467.11,4162,220,543
2. Age 25-64Both Sexes, All Races85.282.787.74,5325,319,267
3. Age 65+Male, American Indian244.3192.1296.48434,433
3. Age 65+Male, Asian/Pacific Islander51.50105.3*46,833
3. Age 65+Male, Black124.758.8190.51411,035
3. Age 65+Male, Hispanic151.6135.7167.4351231,524
3. Age 65+Male, White110.1100.4119.8491446,330
3. Age 65+Male, All Races130.6122.3138.9953730,156
3. Age 65+Female, American Indian132.4100.5164.36649,969
3. Age 65+Female, Asian/Pacific Islander18.2043*211,352
3. Age 65+Female, Black37.31.872.9*411,348
3. Age 65+Female, Hispanic73.463.583.4209284,447
3. Age 65+Female, White65.758.772.7340516,837
3. Age 65+Female, All Races71.165.576.7622873,953
3. Age 65+Both Sexes, American Indian178149.6206.515084,402
3. Age 65+Both Sexes, Asian/Pacific Islander30.75.356.2*618,185
3. Age 65+Both Sexes, Black80.443.3117.51822,383
3. Age 65+Both Sexes, Hispanic108.599.5117.5560515,971
3. Age 65+Both Sexes, White86.380.492.1831963,168
3. Age 65+Both Sexes, All Races98.293.31031,5751,604,110
4. All AgesMale, American Indian217.6202.8232.5874443,144
4. All AgesMale, Asian/Pacific Islander22.310.434.11679,083
4. All AgesMale, Black65.550.580.581127,115
4. All AgesMale, Hispanic87.383.391.21,9612,484,697
4. All AgesMale, White61.157.864.41,5432,062,645
4. All AgesMale, All Races85.282.787.84,5085,196,683
4. All AgesFemale, American Indian94.185.1103.2425479,373
4. All AgesFemale, Asian/Pacific Islander9.63.216*993,603
4. All AgesFemale, Black2212.631.422100,641
4. All AgesFemale, Hispanic31.829.534.27432,518,406
4. All AgesFemale, White27.825.6307862,099,705
4. All AgesFemale, All Races35.333.736.91,9925,291,728
4. All AgesBoth Sexes, American Indian151.9143.5160.31,298922,517
4. All AgesBoth Sexes, Asian/Pacific Islander14.88.820.725172,685
4. All AgesBoth Sexes, Black46.537.255.7103227,756
4. All AgesBoth Sexes, Hispanic58.856.661.12,7045,003,103
4. All AgesBoth Sexes, White44.242.246.22,3294,162,350
4. All AgesBoth Sexes, All Races59.758.261.26,50010,488,411

Data Notes

Rates are age-adjusted to the 2000 US standard population.   Age-specific rates are crude rates, total rates for gender and race/ethnicity are age adjusted to the U.S. 2000 standard population

Data Sources

  • New Mexico Death Data: Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics (BVRHS), New Mexico Department of Health.
  • Population Estimates: University of New Mexico, Geospatial and Population Studies (GPS) Program,

Alcohol-related Deaths by County and Race/Ethnicity, New Mexico, 2012-2016

::chart - missing::
confidence limits

Race/Ethnicity, DOHCountyDeaths per 100,000 Population, Age-adjustedLower LimitUpper LimitNoteNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 210
American Indian/Alaska NativeBernalillo134113.3154.6174143,172
American Indian/Alaska NativeCatron140.30644.3*1465
American Indian/Alaska NativeChaves34.30100.2*13,058
American Indian/Alaska NativeCibola139.8107.1172.47253,787
American Indian/Alaska NativeColfax00255.20803
American Indian/Alaska NativeCurry77.30200.7*22,011
American Indian/Alaska NativeDe Baca0**075
American Indian/Alaska NativeDona Ana68.92.9134.9*59,456
American Indian/Alaska NativeEddy39.30117.5*13,155
American Indian/Alaska NativeGrant231.90532.8*21,404
American Indian/Alaska NativeGuadalupe0**0282
American Indian/Alaska NativeHarding****00
American Indian/Alaska NativeHidalgo0**054
American Indian/Alaska NativeLea0041.302,957
American Indian/Alaska NativeLincoln147.30310.6*32,742
American Indian/Alaska NativeLos Alamos0052.80724
American Indian/Alaska NativeLuna0023.20890
American Indian/Alaska NativeMcKinley177.8160.9194.7439273,445
American Indian/Alaska NativeMora00992.1078
American Indian/Alaska NativeOtero235.7163.2308.14219,988
American Indian/Alaska NativeQuay414.501,143*1374
American Indian/Alaska NativeRio Arriba231.5172.8290.26228,161
American Indian/Alaska NativeRoosevelt74.90245.8*11,163
American Indian/Alaska NativeSandoval149121.4176.611585,853
American Indian/Alaska NativeSan Juan138.5122.6154.5302232,111
American Indian/Alaska NativeSan Miguel194.30798.9*11,463
American Indian/Alaska NativeSanta Fe137.981.8194.12418,764
American Indian/Alaska NativeSierra00147.40735
American Indian/Alaska NativeSocorro192.995290.71610,148
American Indian/Alaska NativeTaos172.491.1253.7199,461
American Indian/Alaska NativeTorrance820207.3*21,771
American Indian/Alaska NativeUnion0**0254
American Indian/Alaska NativeValencia88.136.4139.81213,713
American Indian/Alaska NativeNM151.9143.5160.31,298922,517
Asian/Pacific IslanderBernalillo14.15.922.31292,997
Asian/Pacific IslanderCatron0**028
Asian/Pacific IslanderChaves005502,870
Asian/Pacific IslanderCibola00101.60892
Asian/Pacific IslanderColfax007300351
Asian/Pacific IslanderCurry24.9086.9*14,461
Asian/Pacific IslanderDe Baca0**06
Asian/Pacific IslanderDona Ana16.9038.9*213,569
Asian/Pacific IslanderEddy004.402,109
Asian/Pacific IslanderGrant001001,035
Asian/Pacific IslanderGuadalupe0**0190
Asian/Pacific IslanderHarding****00
Asian/Pacific IslanderHidalgo0**0116
Asian/Pacific IslanderLea0048.501,910
Asian/Pacific IslanderLincoln0025.40456
Asian/Pacific IslanderLos Alamos005.306,135
Asian/Pacific IslanderLuna00368.10740
Asian/Pacific IslanderMcKinley0025.703,374
Asian/Pacific IslanderMora0**036
Asian/Pacific IslanderOtero0026.505,412
Asian/Pacific IslanderQuay0071.40421
Asian/Pacific IslanderRio Arriba0**0813
Asian/Pacific IslanderRoosevelt0**01,487
Asian/Pacific IslanderSandoval0015.2011,815
Asian/Pacific IslanderSan Juan0069.403,968
Asian/Pacific IslanderSan Miguel164.50434.1*11,330
Asian/Pacific IslanderSanta Fe29.9061*410,445
Asian/Pacific IslanderSierra0**0274
Asian/Pacific IslanderSocorro0011.301,013
Asian/Pacific IslanderTaos0**01,277
Asian/Pacific IslanderTorrance0037.40470
Asian/Pacific IslanderUnion0**0135
Asian/Pacific IslanderValencia73.90176.2*22,550
Asian/Pacific IslanderNM14.88.820.725172,685
BlackDe Baca0**037
BlackDona Ana34.95.464.4*618,020
BlackLos Alamos0**0936
BlackRio Arriba74.90283*11,037
BlackSan Juan31.4081*26,278
BlackSan Miguel0088.702,219
BlackSanta Fe11.6036.7*17,168
HispanicDe Baca52.10137.7*23,900
HispanicDona Ana37.232.442.1233721,546
HispanicLos Alamos27.7055.9*414,951
HispanicRio Arriba144.3124.1164.5207143,183
HispanicSan Juan49.435.463.551124,404
HispanicSan Miguel79.962.797.190110,143
HispanicSanta Fe67.859.476.3254378,491
WhiteDe Baca36.9087.5*35,655
WhiteDona Ana423549174317,526
WhiteLos Alamos31.818.245.42667,485
WhiteRio Arriba59.426.792.12026,787
WhiteSan Juan3729.844.2117261,834
WhiteSan Miguel43.719.468.11727,644
WhiteSanta Fe39.632.347160323,930
All RacesBernalillo55.753.258.12,0063,391,730
All RacesCatron72.122.4121.8*1418,373
All RacesChaves52.644.760.6179330,898
All RacesCibola93.677.3109.8133137,646
All RacesColfax65.945.586.44965,706
All RacesCurry41.633.249.999252,120
All RacesDe Baca41.2083.8*59,673
All RacesDona Ana39.735.843.64231,080,117
All RacesEddy59.550.368.6170282,115
All RacesGrant51.239.363.286146,320
All RacesGuadalupe68.735.8101.71822,763
All RacesHarding009.303,442
All RacesHidalgo6128.793.31623,116
All RacesLea46.138.653.6148344,169
All RacesLincoln58.142.773.669101,205
All RacesLos Alamos28.217.438.92990,230
All RacesLuna40.629.751.660124,311
All RacesMcKinley145131.9158.1484370,992
All RacesMora8947.7130.22223,793
All RacesOtero52.744.960.6184326,851
All RacesQuay69.34395.53243,297
All RacesRio Arriba144.1126.8161.3290199,981
All RacesRoosevelt35.222.847.63299,982
All RacesSandoval51.345.956.7365691,947
All RacesSan Juan76.369.383.3472628,595
All RacesSan Miguel73.959.388.4111142,799
All RacesSanta Fe55.750.361.1450738,799
All RacesSierra69.248.190.46057,790
All RacesSocorro70.152.287.96487,975
All RacesTaos74.56187.9139166,772
All RacesTorrance52.536.768.34879,181
All RacesUnion40.215.964.5*1122,192
All RacesValencia56.749.164.3226383,531
All RacesNM59.758.261.26,50010,488,411

Data Notes

Rates are age-adjusted to the 2000 US standard population.   ** Excluded due to small number of deaths (< 3 per race/ethnicity per county per year) during reporting period.

Data Sources

  • New Mexico Death Data: Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics (BVRHS), New Mexico Department of Health.
  • Population Estimates: University of New Mexico, Geospatial and Population Studies (GPS) Program,

Alcohol-related Deaths by Small Area, New Mexico, 2009-2013

::chart - missing::
confidence limits

Small AreaDeaths per 100,000 Population, Age-adjustedLower LimitUpper LimitNoteNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 109
1-Bernalillo County, Central Penn9919341,048.12009 - 20131,152137,577
2-Bernalillo County, Central Tabo817.6772.8862.42009 - 20131,240154,463
3-Bernalillo County, East Gateway595553.2636.82009 - 201378596,945
4-Bernalillo County, Lomas San Mateo726.2682770.32009 - 20131,166102,675
5-Bernalillo County, Lomas Girard658.4599.7717.12009 - 201351375,062
6-Bernalillo County, Gibson University775.9696.9854.82009 - 201337864,647
7-Bernalillo County, Rio Bravo Second832.1741.5922.72009 - 201332648,055
8-Bernalillo County, Lomas Broadway1,114.61,051.31,177.92009 - 20131,163102,339
9-Military Bases706.5342.71,070.22009 - 20134755,271
10-Bernalillo County, Isleta Gun Club809.3739.4879.22009 - 201350968,620
11-Bernalillo County, Arenal Unser894.47691,019.72009 - 201328283,417
12-Bernalillo County, Chavez OneEighteenth855.5766.1944.92009 - 2013461121,963
13-Bernalillo County, Southwest616.2527.2705.12009 - 201321761,266
14-Bernalillo County, Arenal Tapia808.6753.9863.32009 - 201381297,881
15-Bernalillo County, Central Coors784732.2835.82009 - 2013851112,731
16-Bernalillo County, So. Ninetyeight769.5699.2839.92009 - 2013548141,831
17-Bernalillo County, No. Ninetyeight725.2666.6783.82009 - 2013614126,566
18-Bernalillo County, Montano Rio Grande622.9570.6675.22009 - 201355762,067
19-Bernalillo County, Candelaria Second771.1716.8825.52009 - 201375486,507
20-Bernalillo County, Comanche Carlysle877.2815.2939.12009 - 201374387,643
21-Bernalillo County, Indian School Pennsylvania762.9724.2801.62009 - 20131,660130,294
22-Bernalillo County, Indian School Juan Tabo733.8686.3781.42009 - 201389499,837
23-Bernalillo County, Montgomery Louisiana661.6619.3703.92009 - 2013975108,726
24-Bernalillo County, Montgomery Moon656.3603.2709.52009 - 201357564,784
25-Bernalillo County, Comanche Juan Tabo737.7689.5785.92009 - 201387190,802
26-Bernalillo County, Paseo Louisiana683.8640.5727.22009 - 2013940101,003
27-Bernalillo County, Paseo Ventura516.8483.5550.12009 - 2013926140,518
28-Bernalillo County, East Mountain665.4610720.82009 - 201360796,116
29-Bernalillo County, Del Norte604.9546.86632009 - 201342996,893
30-Bernalillo County, Montano Coors695628.3761.72009 - 201340765,597
31-Bernalillo County, Alameda Coors685.2624.1746.32009 - 2013496116,178
32-Bernalillo County, Alameda Edith715.3668.1762.52009 - 2013863101,183
33-Bernalillo County, Academy Tramway564.4533.1595.82009 - 20131,388140,418
34-Bernalillo County, Irving Unser604.4556.9651.92009 - 2013617137,973
35-Chaves County, Roswell N.W.833.7794.8872.72009 - 20131,799160,159
36-Chaves County, Roswell S.E.1,005937.61,072.52009 - 201381881,339
37-Chaves County, Other767.6705.18302009 - 201356787,815
38-Cibola County896.6847.29462009 - 20131,229136,587
39-Colfax/Union Counties740.3692.3788.22009 - 201395390,756
40-Curry County, Clovis West926.5857.4995.52009 - 201365779,579
41-Curry County, Clovis East814762.1865.82009 - 2013902105,731
42-Dona Ana County, Anthony Berino Chaparral699.2641757.32009 - 2013576116,464
43-Dona Ana County, Central Las Cruces846791.2900.82009 - 201391192,034
44-Dona Ana County, Dona Ana Fort Selden763.3712.8813.82009 - 2013843118,215
45-Dona Ana County, Hatch and Surrounding Area605.7548.36632009 - 201342659,763
46-Dona Ana County, Las Alturas Talavera630.2580.2680.32009 - 201366264,587
47-Dona Ana County, Mesilla Picacho Mesilla Park603.1542.6663.62009 - 201337659,879
48-Dona Ana County, Northwest Las Cruces739.5693.4785.52009 - 2013956127,949
49-Dona Ana County, Sonoma Butterfield Moongate669.6626.7712.52009 - 2013904140,051
50-Dona Ana County, South Valley598.7542655.42009 - 201342373,138
51-Dona Ana County, Sunland Park582.1527.36372009 - 201342893,745
52-Dona Ana County, South Las Cruces838.1771.4904.82009 - 2013602104,995
53-Eddy County, Carlsbad900.9857.2944.52009 - 20131,648144,141
54-Eddy County, Other829.5779.8879.22009 - 20131,023128,355
55-Grant County, Silver City695.8646.7744.92009 - 201384084,526
56-Hidalgo County/Grant County, Other735.9688.1783.62009 - 201397286,899
57-Lea County, Hobbs No.797.7742.8852.62009 - 2013773102,103
58-Lea County, Hobbs So.1,006.2919.51,092.92009 - 201350968,874
59-Lea County, Other825.2779.6870.82009 - 20131,200157,986
60-Lincoln County611.7569.9653.52009 - 2013914102,574
61-Los Alamos County520.1478.15622009 - 201359290,272
62-Luna County836.7792.6880.72009 - 20131,406125,312
63-McKinley County, Gallup7747228262009 - 2013838122,589
64-McKinley County, NW800731.18692009 - 201352081,407
65-McKinley County, SW805.3739.4871.22009 - 201359097,654
66-McKinley County, Other946.3861.31,031.32009 - 201347163,186
67-San Miguel County, Las Vegas956.2893.41,0192009 - 201389280,042
68-San Miguel County, Pecos/Villanueva561492630.12009 - 201326944,210
69-Mora/Guadalupe/San Miguel East665.6610.3720.82009 - 201357869,465
70-Otero County, Alamogordo N.E.752.7705.5799.82009 - 201397990,049
71-Otero County, Alamogordo S.W.797.8738.4857.22009 - 201368777,678
72-Otero County, Other790.1742.8837.32009 - 20131,090138,976
73-Quay/DeBaca/Harding Counties915849.7980.32009 - 201379958,260
74-Rio Arriba, Espanola and Pueblos819773.7864.22009 - 20131,246141,334
75-Rio Arriba, North764.4694.9833.82009 - 201347559,903
76-Roosevelt County/Curry County, Other774.8729.3820.22009 - 20131,064149,653
77-San Juan County, Farmington North569.7521.46182009 - 201352483,022
78-San Juan County, Farmington Southeast751.4687.8814.92009 - 201352375,616
79-San Juan County, Farmington West/Kirtland/La Plata779.4727.88312009 - 2013864118,559
80-San Juan County, North/Aztec709.2662.4755.92009 - 2013860126,048
81-San Juan County, Northeast/Bloomfield667.8609.2726.42009 - 201349678,923
82-San Juan County, South656593.3718.72009 - 201342478,266
83-San Juan County, West1,040.2963.21,117.32009 - 201369882,693
84-Sandoval County, Rio Rancho Blvd, No.689.5638.3740.62009 - 2013722144,790
85-Sandoval County, Rio Rancho Blvd, So.680.4634.1726.72009 - 20131,02172,993
86-Sandoval County, Rio Rancho West700.7631.8769.72009 - 2013477124,028
87-Sandoval County, Rio Rancho So.773.5719.2827.72009 - 2013756114,544
88-Sandoval County, Bernalillo/Placitas614.6560.26692009 - 201352773,725
89-Sandoval County, Corrales572.3504640.62009 - 201329242,436
90-Sandoval County Other East790.2700.3880.12009 - 201330146,226
91-Sandoval County Other West807.6727888.22009 - 201339448,856
92-Santa Fe County, East Foothills + Eldorado480.2441.2519.32009 - 2013662116,486
93-Santa Fe County, Opera Vicinity523475.2570.72009 - 201350270,641
94-Santa Fe County, Pueblos Plus579532.4625.52009 - 201361998,103
95-Santa Fe Co., Agua Fria Neighborhood + Downtown776734.6817.42009 - 20131,537118,829
96-Santa Fe County, Agua Fria Village634.6561.2708.12009 - 201331168,053
97-Santa Fe, Bellamah/Stamm689.6641.2737.92009 - 201378690,033
98-Santa Fe County, Airport Road662.1569.3754.82009 - 201326088,377
99-Santa Fe County, South736666.6805.52009 - 201347576,387
101-Sierra/Catron Counties942.4884.61,000.22009 - 20131,37778,178
102-Socorro County878.2819.4937.12009 - 201384289,216
103-Torrance County862.8801.1924.42009 - 201375981,182
104-Taos County, Northwest625.4558.2692.62009 - 201335646,759
105-Taos County, Downtown and High Road627.7586.8668.72009 - 2013942118,506
106-Valencia County, Los Lunas682.8623.4742.32009 - 201350280,908
107-Valencia County, NE750.9692.78092009 - 201363180,843
108-Valencia County, SE772.6721.6823.82009 - 2013861115,258
109-Valencia County, West and Belen820.5768.8872.22009 - 2013942107,066

Data Notes

Rates are age-adjusted to the 2000 US standard population.   All rates are deaths per 100,000 population and have been age-adjusted to the U.S. 2000 standard population.

Data Sources

  • New Mexico Death Data: Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics (BVRHS), New Mexico Department of Health.
  • Population Estimates: University of New Mexico, Geospatial and Population Studies (GPS) Program,
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, CDC WONDER Online Database (

References and Community Resources

The New Mexico Department of Health Substance Abuse Epidemiology Section has New Mexico-specific reports, resources and publications, available at: CDC Alcohol Program has fact sheets, online tool kits, data and recently published literature, available at: The CDC also publishes the Prevention Status Reports (PSR), which highlight, for all 50 states and the District of Columbia, the status of public health policies and practices designed to address important public health problems and concerns. The 2013 PSR for excessive alcohol use can be found at: The Community Preventive Services Task Force reviews research and makes recommendations to help communities answer the question "what works?" Community Guide recommendations for preventing excessive alcohol consumption can be found at:

More Resources and Links

Evidence-based community health improvement ideas and interventions may be found at the following sites:

Additional indicator data by state and county may be found on these Websites:

Medical literature can be queried at the PubMed website.

For an on-line medical dictionary, click on this Dictionary link.

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