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Complete Health Indicator Report of Youth Current Marijuana Use


Youth current marijuana use is defined as a youth in grades 9-12 in a NM public school who reported


Number of youth reporting current marijuana use


Total number of youth participating in the YRRS

Data Interpretation Issues

Responses are weighted to reflect youth attending public middle and high schools in New Mexico. The YRRS is administered in odd years.

Why Is This Important?

Substance abuse among youth remains a major public health problem. Substance use and abuse can increase the risk for injuries, violence, HIV infection, and other diseases (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

Healthy People Objective: SA-13.2, Reduce the proportion of adolescents reporting use of marijuana during the past 30days

U.S. Target: 6.0 percent

Other Objectives

Substance Abuse Epidemiology Report Indicator

Graphical Data Views

Youth Current Marijuana Use, Grades 9-12 by Year, New Mexico and U.S., 2003-2017

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confidence limits

There has been no apparent trend in the rate of current marijuana use by New Mexico high school students in recent years. While the US rate decreased from 1999 to 2007, it has increased since then. While the NM rate in 2009 (28.0%) was higher than the rate in 2007 (25.0%), the difference was not statistically significant. In 2015, the New Mexico rate (25.3%) was higher than the US rate (21.7%), as it has been consistently higher for several years.
NM vs. U.S.YearPercentage that Used MarijuanaLower LimitUpper Limit
Record Count: 16
New Mexico200329.026.631.6
New Mexico200526.222.530.3
New Mexico200725.021.229.3
New Mexico200928.025.131.1
New Mexico201127.624.630.8
New Mexico201327.824.331.5
New Mexico201525.323.627.1
New Mexico201727.324.130.8
United States200322.420.224.6
United States200520.218.622.0
United States200719.717.821.8
United States200920.819.422.3
United States201123.121.524.7
United States201323.421.325.7
United States201521.7
United States201719.818.121.6

Data Notes

The YRRS is administered in odd years

Data Sources

  • New Mexico Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey, New Mexico Department of Health and Public Education Department.
  • U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) High School Youth Risk Behavior Survey Data

Youth Current Marijuana Use, Grades 9-12 by Grade, Sex, and Race/Ethnicity, New Mexico, 2017

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confidence limits

Higher grades show higher rate of current marijuana use. There was no statistically significant variation by gender. The rate among American Indian (34.1%) students was higher than among Black (25.7%), Hispanic (26.3%), Asian/Pacific Islander (20.8%), and White (19.3%) students.
Grade Level YRRSSex and RacePercentage that Used MarijuanaLower LimitUpper LimitNoteNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 90
9th GradeMale, American Indian32.122.144.056158
9th GradeMale, Asian/Pacific Islander****
9th GradeMale, Black****
9th GradeMale, Hispanic21.717.226.975339
9th GradeMale, White19.614.625.839183
9th GradeMale, All Races22.918.927.4187743
9th GradeFemale, American Indian30.323.338.246141
9th GradeFemale, Asian/Pacific Islander****
9th GradeFemale, Black****
9th GradeFemale, Hispanic24.321.327.689369
9th GradeFemale, White14.39.421.027190
9th GradeFemale, All Races21.819.224.6172755
9th GradeBoth Sexes, American Indian31.524.839.2103301
9th GradeBoth Sexes, Asian/Pacific Islander****
9th GradeBoth Sexes, Black27.516.242.51763
9th GradeBoth Sexes, Hispanic23.320.426.3166712
9th GradeBoth Sexes, White17.013.021.966373
9th GradeBoth Sexes, All Races22.519.825.63621,504
10th GradeMale, American Indian32.721.945.850136
10th GradeMale, Asian/Pacific Islander****
10th GradeMale, Black****
10th GradeMale, Hispanic28.323.533.6101318
10th GradeMale, White23.415.933.150209
10th GradeMale, All Races26.922.631.7213720
10th GradeFemale, American Indian36.728.845.351128
10th GradeFemale, Asian/Pacific Islander****
10th GradeFemale, Black****
10th GradeFemale, Hispanic23.618.729.397397
10th GradeFemale, White22.817.928.744221
10th GradeFemale, All Races24.320.728.3199812
10th GradeBoth Sexes, American Indian34.526.144.0101264
10th GradeBoth Sexes, Asian/Pacific Islander18.18.335.0*859
10th GradeBoth Sexes, Black19.612.230.01050
10th GradeBoth Sexes, Hispanic25.821.630.6198715
10th GradeBoth Sexes, White23.018.029.094431
10th GradeBoth Sexes, All Races25.622.029.54121,533
11th GradeMale, American Indian32.224.141.646125
11th GradeMale, Asian/Pacific Islander****
11th GradeMale, Black****
11th GradeMale, Hispanic33.927.541.099281
11th GradeMale, White26.019.633.659217
11th GradeMale, All Races30.325.835.2220684
11th GradeFemale, American Indian40.231.749.456124
11th GradeFemale, Asian/Pacific Islander****
11th GradeFemale, Black****
11th GradeFemale, Hispanic30.021.839.794320
11th GradeFemale, White23.114.634.448201
11th GradeFemale, All Races28.623.134.8207684
11th GradeBoth Sexes, American Indian36.128.943.8103251
11th GradeBoth Sexes, Asian/Pacific Islander19.29.335.5*1150
11th GradeBoth Sexes, Black****
11th GradeBoth Sexes, Hispanic31.825.838.5193601
11th GradeBoth Sexes, White24.617.833.0107418
11th GradeBoth Sexes, All Races29.425.134.34281,370
12th GradeMale, American Indian36.822.054.744110
12th GradeMale, Asian/Pacific Islander****
12th GradeMale, Black****
12th GradeMale, Hispanic34.527.142.894267
12th GradeMale, White21.011.535.140176
12th GradeMale, All Races30.722.540.2194593
12th GradeFemale, American Indian38.328.549.341102
12th GradeFemale, Asian/Pacific Islander****
12th GradeFemale, Black****
12th GradeFemale, Hispanic37.728.248.3112300
12th GradeFemale, White28.520.338.546158
12th GradeFemale, All Races34.727.542.6210599
12th GradeBoth Sexes, American Indian37.626.450.285212
12th GradeBoth Sexes, Asian/Pacific Islander****
12th GradeBoth Sexes, Black****
12th GradeBoth Sexes, Hispanic36.328.744.6206567
12th GradeBoth Sexes, White24.415.536.286335
12th GradeBoth Sexes, All Races32.725.840.54051,194
TotalMale, American Indian33.225.342.2196529
TotalMale, Asian/Pacific Islander21.312.434.02194
TotalMale, Black32.520.647.134109
TotalMale, Hispanic29.025.432.93711,210
TotalMale, White22.516.929.2189788
TotalMale, All Races27.423.831.28172,748
TotalFemale, American Indian35.931.140.9196499
TotalFemale, Asian/Pacific Islander17.78.234.1*1287
TotalFemale, Black23.313.636.82292
TotalFemale, Hispanic28.923.734.63971,394
TotalFemale, White21.717.426.8166771
TotalFemale, All Races27.123.631.07972,864
TotalBoth Sexes, American Indian34.628.541.23951,034
TotalBoth Sexes, Asian/Pacific Islander19.711.831.133181
TotalBoth Sexes, Black29.122.436.757202
TotalBoth Sexes, Hispanic29.025.033.47702,608
TotalBoth Sexes, White22.117.527.53551,561
TotalBoth Sexes, All Races27.324.130.81,6215,627

Data Notes

The YRRS is administered in odd years.   **Data suppressed due to small numbers

Data Source

New Mexico Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey, New Mexico Department of Health and Public Education Department.

Youth Current Marijuana Use, Grades 9-12 by County, New Mexico, 2017

::chart - missing::
confidence limits

In 2015, the rate of past 30-day marijuana use was highest in Taos (36.6%), Grant (35.5%), and Cibola (34.0%) counties. The rate was lowest in Curry (14.2%), De Baca (14.2%), Eddy (14.4%), and Lea (18.1%) counties.
CountyPercentage that Used MarijuanaLower LimitUpper LimitNoteNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 35
De Baca****
Dona Ana27.422.5332771,019
Los Alamos16.612.521.655348
Rio Arriba37.335.439.3149447
San Juan27.523.232.32711,041
San Miguel31.227.834.9136459
Santa Fe33.929.438.77111,960
New Mexico28.226.929.65,28718,036

Data Notes

The YRRS is administered in odd years.   **Data suppressed due to small numbers

Data Source

New Mexico Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey, New Mexico Department of Health and Public Education Department.

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