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Complete Health Indicator Report of Public Education - Habitual Truancy


The percentage of students classified as habitually truant. Habitually truant refers to a student who has accumulated the equivalent of ten or more unexcused absences within a school year. Unexcused absence is an absence from school or a class for which the student does not have an allowable excuse.


The number of students classified as habitually truant.


The number of enrolled students.

Why Is This Important?

School attendance impacts school achievement and college or career readiness. Chronic absenteeism can be an indicator of difficult circumstances in a student's life. Frequent school absences are associated with risk behaviors and habitual absenteeism can be a predictor of dropping out. As a signal of other potential issues, habitual truancy is an important point of intervention.

Healthy People Objective: AH-5.6, Decrease school absenteeism among adolescents due to illness or injury

U.S. Target: 13.1 percent

Other Objectives

New Mexico Early Learning Indicator

Graphical Data Views

The Percentage of Students Classified as Habitually Truant by School District, New Mexico, 2014-2015

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Includes schools governed by public school districts; excludes state-authorized charters.
School DistrictHabitually Truant StudentsLower LimitUpper LimitNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 89
Alamogordo Public Schools3.0%2.6%3.4%2107,081
Albuquerque Public Schools13.8%13.6%14.0%13,976101,467
Animas Public Schools3.6%0.8%6.3%6169
Artesia Public Schools8.0%7.2%8.8%3504,388
Aztec Municipal Schools13.9%12.8%15.0%5313,821
Belen Consolidated Schools37.6%36.2%38.9%1,7484,655
Bernalillo Public Schools33.9%32.3%35.4%1,2033,551
Bloomfield Municipal Schools**
Capitan Municipal Schools10.7%8.0%13.3%57535
Carlsbad Municipal Schools10.5%9.8%11.2%7607,250
Carrizozo Municipal Schools5.8%2.3%9.3%10173
Central Consolidated Schools22.5%21.5%23.4%1,6257,237
Chama Valley Independent Schools11.6%8.6%14.6%52448
Cimarron Public Schools14.3%11.3%17.3%74518
Clayton Public Schools4.1%2.4%5.8%22532
Cloudcroft Municipal Schools0.9%0.0%1.8%4445
Clovis Municipal Schools21.0%20.2%21.8%2,0519,778
Cobre Consolidated Schools15.0%13.2%16.8%2161,440
Corona Municipal Schools0.0%0.0%0.0%077
Cuba Independent Schools27.0%23.7%30.4%180666
Deming Public Schools21.5%20.5%22.5%1,3256,168
Des Moines Municipal Schools49.4%39.1%59.8%4489
Dexter Consolidated Schools8.1%6.5%9.7%871,077
Dora Consolidated Schools3.3%1.3%5.4%10299
Dulce Independent Schools32.2%28.9%35.5%249774
Elida Municipal Schools0.0%0.0%0.0%0158
Espanola Municipal Schools24.8%23.6%26.1%1,1194,509
Estancia Municipal Schools2.1%1.1%3.1%17799
Eunice Municipal Schools18.3%15.8%20.9%161879
Farmington Municipal Schools11.4%10.8%11.9%1,55913,705
Floyd Municipal Schools5.8%3.0%8.7%15257
Fort Sumner Municipal Schools2.0%0.5%3.5%7350
Gadsden Independent Schools18.2%17.5%18.8%2,63014,474
Gallup-Mckinley County Schools14.5%13.9%15.2%1,79812,361
Grady Municipal Schools0.7%0.0%2.0%1146
Grants-Cibola County Schools9.4%8.5%10.3%4004,250
Hagerman Municipal Schools16.6%13.4%19.7%88531
Hatch Valley Municipal Schools15.4%13.5%17.3%2181,416
Hobbs Municipal Schools6.3%5.9%6.8%68410,809
Hondo Valley Public Schools6.1%2.2%9.9%9148
House Municipal Schools10.4%4.3%16.5%1096
Jal Public Schools3.7%2.1%5.2%21574
Jemez Mountain Public Schools10.9%7.4%14.4%33302
Jemez Valley Public Schools19.5%16.0%23.0%96492
Lake Arthur Municipal Schools42.3%33.5%51.0%52123
Las Cruces Public Schools10.5%10.1%10.9%2,86927,346
Las Vegas City Public Schools16.9%15.1%18.6%3001,777
Logan Municipal Schools1.7%0.3%3.0%6360
Lordsburg Municipal Schools17.7%14.6%20.9%99558
Los Alamos Public Schools1.2%0.9%1.6%453,746
Los Lunas Public Schools7.3%6.8%7.8%7069,648
Loving Municipal Schools9.2%7.1%11.4%64692
Lovington Public Schools**
Magdalena Municipal Schools21.7%17.7%25.7%88406
Maxwell Municipal Schools0.0%0.0%0.0%0124
Melrose Public Schools0.0%0.0%0.0%0271
Mesa Vista Consolidated Schools5.0%2.9%7.2%20397
Mora Independent Schools**
Moriarty Municipal Schools9.7%8.7%10.8%3013,095
Mosquero Municipal Schools3.9%0.0%9.2%251
Mountainair Public Schools58.7%53.2%64.2%179305
Pecos Independent Schools30.0%26.5%33.5%200666
Penasco Independent Schools24.4%20.0%28.8%90369
Pojoaque Valley Public Schools15.2%13.7%16.8%3212,107
Portales Municipal Schools5.1%4.4%5.9%1723,364
Quemado Independent Schools8.9%4.4%13.3%14158
Questa Independent Schools0.2%0.0%0.7%1440
Raton Public Schools9.0%7.3%10.7%961,064
Reserve Independent Schools17.8%11.6%24.0%26146
Rio Rancho Public Schools**
Roswell Independent Schools7.5%7.0%8.0%87911,683
Roy Municipal Schools0.0%0.0%0.0%061
Ruidoso Municipal Schools18.5%17.0%20.1%4392,367
San Jon Municipal Schools0.6%0.0%1.7%1172
Santa Fe Public Schools24.2%23.5%24.9%3,81115,754
Santa Rosa Consolidated Schools9.7%7.5%11.9%67692
Silver City Consolidated Schools22.5%21.1%23.9%7463,312
Socorro Consolidated Schools16.2%14.5%17.8%3191,975
Springer Municipal Schools11.7%7.3%16.1%24205
Taos Municipal Schools38.9%37.2%40.6%1,2873,309
Tatum Municipal Schools1.6%0.4%2.8%7433
Texico Municipal Schools4.2%2.6%5.8%26614
Truth or Consequences Schools16.6%14.8%18.5%2631,580
Tucumcari Public Schools8.0%6.4%9.6%901,123
Tularosa Municipal Schools16.7%14.5%18.9%1821,089
Vaughn Municipal Schools4.1%0.2%8.0%498
Wagon Mound Public Schools**
West Las Vegas Public Schools22.4%20.4%24.4%3801,697
Zuni Public Schools21.0%18.9%23.0%3041,451

Data Notes

** = data not reported.

Data Source

New Mexico Public Education Department, Jerry Apodaca Education Building, 300 Don Gaspar, Santa Fe NM 87501. Phone: (505)827-5800. Website:

References and Community Resources

Albuquerque Public Schools. Truancy Prevention/Intervention Program. Available at: [] Eaton DK, Brener N, Kann LK. Associations of health risk behaviors with school absenteeism. Does having permission for the absence make a difference? J Sch Health. 2008 Apr;78(4):223-9 New Mexico Public Education Department. Truancy- Habitually Truant by School Type. At: [] New Mexico Public Education Department. A guide to Truancy Referrals. 2006. Available at: []

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