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Complete Health Indicator Report of New Mexico Population - Age Distribution


Age distribution of the New Mexico population over time.


Estimated population count by age group



Why Is This Important?

As New Mexico's population ages, the services required evolve. The growth of New Mexico's age 65 and over population is outpacing that of other states. Importantly, these changing demographics are disproportionately occurring in rural New Mexico. Most of New Mexico's overall population growth is occurring in metropolitan areas while rural populations are stagnant or declining. At the same time, young people are leaving rural communities in favor of metropolitan areas to take advantage of education, employment, and entertainment opportunities. Without commensurate change by the health, long-term care, and support systems in New Mexico, this dramatic shift in New Mexico's demographics may endanger the health of our older adults and especially those older adults living in rural communities.

Graphical Data Views

Age Distribution of the Population by Year, New Mexico 2010-2016

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Age GroupYearNumber of Persons
Record Count: 40
Age 0-42007140,978
Age 0-42008142,312
Age 0-42009143,646
Age 0-42010144,737
Age 0-42011144,092
Age 0-42012141,537
Age 0-42013138,617
Age 0-42014137,150
Age 0-42015135,911
Age 0-42016132,139
Age 5-172007375,573
Age 5-172008375,356
Age 5-172009375,137
Age 5-172010373,782
Age 5-172011373,288
Age 5-172012371,797
Age 5-172013369,974
Age 5-172014367,040
Age 5-172015364,126
Age 5-172016362,398
Age 18-6420071,217,916
Age 18-6420081,234,288
Age 18-6420091,250,659
Age 18-6420101,272,514
Age 18-6420111,283,777
Age 18-6420121,281,961
Age 18-6420131,278,542
Age 18-6420141,273,443
Age 18-6420151,266,791
Age 18-6420161,262,877
Age 65+2007255,529
Age 65+2008261,108
Age 65+2009266,681
Age 65+2010274,161
Age 65+2011282,568
Age 65+2012296,138
Age 65+2013308,023
Age 65+2014320,748
Age 65+2015333,028
Age 65+2016346,172

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