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Complete Health Indicator Report of New Mexico Population - Poverty Among Children Under Age 18


The estimated number and percentage of children under age 18 living in households with income below the federal poverty level.


Estimated number of children age 17 and under living in households whose income is below 100% of the federal poverty level as defined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Poverty status is determined by comparing household income to poverty thresholds (income cutoffs). Thresholds vary by family size and number of children under 18 in the household, and are updated in January of each year. For instance, the poverty level for a family of four in 2018 is $25,100. The U.S. Poverty Guidelines may be found at the [ Health and Human Services website].


The estimated number of children age 17 and under in the population.

Why Is This Important?

Poverty in the early years of a child's life, more than at any other time, has especially harmful effects on continuing healthy development and well-being, including developmental delays and infant mortality. Well-being in later childhood, such as teen pregnancy, substance abuse, and educational attainment, are also influenced by early childhood poverty. Children born into poverty are less likely to have regular health care, proper nutrition, and opportunities for mental stimulation and enrichment.

Healthy People Objective: SDOH-3.2, Proportion of children aged 0-17 years living in poverty

U.S. Target: Not applicable

Other Objectives

New Mexico Community Health Status Indicator (CHSI) New Mexico Early Learning Indicator

How Are We Doing?

The percentage of children in poverty peaked in New Mexico in 2013 at 30.1%. The percentage has declined in the last two years and now stands at 27.2%, still over 30% higher than the U.S. rate of 20.7%.

How Do We Compare With the U.S.?

New Mexico is one of the most impoverished states in the nation, ranking above only Mississippi and Louisiana in 2015 for percentage of children in poverty.

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Graphical Data Views

Children Under Age 18 Living in Poverty, New Mexico and U.S., 1995-2017

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confidence limits

New Mexico's child poverty rate has consistently been about 30% higher than the U.S. rate.
NM vs. U.S.YearPercentage of Children Age 0-17 in PovertyLower LimitUpper LimitNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 46
New Mexico199532.0%30.2%33.8%153,908480,961
New Mexico199629.8%27.0%32.6%144,965486,460
New Mexico199727.5%24.6%30.4%135,289491,960
New Mexico199827.1%23.8%30.4%134,811497,459
New Mexico199926.4%23.1%29.7%132,781502,958
New Mexico200025.5%23.2%27.8%129,721508,710
New Mexico200125.9%23.5%28.3%132,047509,834
New Mexico200225.2%23.1%27.3%128,760510,953
New Mexico200325.8%23.7%27.9%132,114512,069
New Mexico200423.8%21.4%26.2%122,140513,192
New Mexico200526.0%24.9%27.1%133,720514,309
New Mexico200625.6%24.5%26.7%131,949515,426
New Mexico200725.2%24.1%26.3%130,171516,551
New Mexico200824.1%22.9%25.3%124,758517,668
New Mexico200925.8%24.5%27.1%133,846518,784
New Mexico201028.5%27.1%29.9%147,803518,608
New Mexico201129.4%28.1%30.7%152,154517,532
New Mexico201228.9%27.7%30.1%148,682514,471
New Mexico201330.1%28.9%31.3%153,537510,089
New Mexico201428.0%27.0%29.0%141,693506,046
New Mexico201527.2%26.0%28.4%136,630502,317
New Mexico201627.8%26.3%29.3%138,224497,207
New Mexico201725.9%24.5%27.3%127,314491,559
United States199520.8%20.0%21.6%
United States199620.5%19.7%21.3%
United States199719.9%19.1%20.7%
United States199818.9%18.1%19.7%
United States199917.1%16.3%17.9%
United States200016.2%15.4%17.0%
United States200116.3%15.8%16.8%
United States200216.7%16.1%17.3%
United States200317.6%17.1%18.1%
United States200417.8%17.2%18.4%
United States200518.5%18.3%18.7%
United States200618.3%18.1%18.5%
United States200718.0%17.8%18.2%
United States200818.2%18.0%18.4%
United States200920.0%19.8%20.2%
United States201021.6%21.4%21.8%
United States201122.5%22.3%22.7%
United States201222.6%22.4%22.8%
United States201322.2%22.0%22.4%
United States201421.7%21.5%21.9%
United States201520.7%20.5%20.9%
United States201619.5%19.3%19.7%
United States201718.4%18.2%18.6%

Data Notes

95% confidence intervals were calculated from the SAIPE 90% confidence intervals. Statewide totals and percentages will differ between estimates made using U.S. Census SAIPE and ACS values, due to rounding differences and dissimilar methodologies.

Data Sources

  • U.S. Census Bureau, Data Integration Division, Small Area Estimates Branch, Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE).
  • Population Estimates: University of New Mexico, Geospatial and Population Studies (GPS) Program,

Children Under Age 18 Living in Poverty by County, New Mexico, 2017

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confidence limits

CountyPercentage of Children Age 0-17 in PovertyLower LimitUpper LimitNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 35
De Baca33.9%23.2%44.6%140413
Dona Ana37.5%31.4%43.6%20,19153,842
Los Alamos3.5%2.3%4.7%1494,252
Rio Arriba32.6%24.8%40.4%3,0449,337
San Juan29.2%23.4%35.0%10,13734,715
San Miguel37.3%27.2%47.4%1,9635,264
Santa Fe18.6%13.7%23.5%5,13527,610
New Mexico25.9%24.5%27.3%127,314491,559

Data Notes

NM county population values derive from UNM GPS population estimates. Percentages in poverty derive from U.S. Census SAIPE. 95% confidence intervals were calculated from the SAIPE 90% confidence intervals. Statewide totals and percentages will differ between estimates made using U.S. Census SAIPE and ACS values, due to rounding differences and dissimilar methodologies.

Data Sources

  • U.S. Census Bureau, Data Integration Division, Small Area Estimates Branch, Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE).
  • Population Estimates: University of New Mexico, Geospatial and Population Studies (GPS) Program,

Children Under Age 18 Living in Poverty by Race/Ethnicity, New Mexico, 2013-2017

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confidence limits

Race/EthnicityPercentage of Children Age 0-17 in PovertyLower LimitUpper LimitNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 8
American Indian/Alaska Native41.9%38.5%45.2%23,26355,546
Asian/Pacific Islander9.3%2.0%16.6%5595,995
Black/African American35.7%24.0%47.4%3,4819,760
New Mexico25.9%24.5%27.3%127,314491,559
United States18.4%18.2%18.6%

Data Notes

The poverty data by race and Hispanic ethnicity were available from the American Community Survey, but were not reported using New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) standard race and ethnicity categories. The Census Bureau assigned persons (1% of the New Mexico population) to the category, "Two or More Races," whereas the NMDOH standard reporting method would assign those individuals to their "primary" race category. As a result, no comparisons with data using the NMDOH standard race reporting categories should be made. For more information on race reporting categories, see the [ IBIS page on Race and Ethnicity Measurement and Reporting].

Data Source

U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates.

Children Under Age 18 Living in Poverty by U.S. States, 2017

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confidence limits

StateChildren Age 5-17 Living in PovertyLower LimitUpper LimitNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 52
District of Columbia26.2%23.2%29.2%32,353123,404
New Hampshire10.0%8.8%11.2%25,283253,089
New Jersey13.8%13.1%14.5%270,7131,955,179
New Mexico25.9%24.5%27.3%124,045478,607
New York19.9%19.3%20.5%812,3364,079,562
North Carolina21.0%20.2%21.8%476,4382,272,323
North Dakota11.4%10.2%12.6%19,661171,914
Rhode Island18.2%16.7%19.7%37,091204,042
South Carolina22.3%21.3%23.3%242,8191,086,644
South Dakota16.3%15.0%17.6%33,977208,560
West Virginia24.4%23.0%25.8%87,601358,762
United States18.4%18.2%18.6%13,353,20272,452,925

Data Source

U.S. Census Bureau, Data Integration Division, Small Area Estimates Branch, Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE).

Children Under Age 18 Living in Poverty by Small Area, New Mexico, 2013-2017

::chart - missing::
confidence limits

Small AreaPercentage of Children Age 0-17 in PovertyLower LimitUpper LimitNoteNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 111
1-Bernalillo County, Central Penn53.6%44.5%62.7%3,8107,111
2-Bernalillo County, Central Tabo38.2%28.2%48.2%2,9077,613
3-Bernalillo County, East Gateway12.0%4.4%19.6%Unstable4003,328
4-Bernalillo County, Lomas San Mateo23.1%13.7%32.4%6652,885
5-Bernalillo County, Lomas Girard23.0%12.2%33.7%3361,461
6-Bernalillo County, Gibson University50.5%35.4%65.5%1,3402,655
7-Bernalillo County, Rio Bravo Second47.8%34.1%61.4%1,2592,637
8-Bernalillo County, Lomas Broadway36.8%25.5%48.2%1,1953,243
9-Military Bases6.4%2.1%10.6%Unstable2293,603
10-Bernalillo County, Isleta Gun Club23.6%14.0%33.2%7783,300
11-Bernalillo County, Arenal Unser35.4%23.5%47.4%2,1836,158
12-Bernalillo County, Chavez OneEighteenth21.1%15.3%26.8%1,7888,479
13-Bernalillo County, Southwest17.6%12.5%22.8%5413,064
14-Bernalillo County, Arenal Tapia43.8%34.0%53.7%2,2165,056
15-Bernalillo County, Central Coors41.7%31.6%51.8%2,5126,030
16-Bernalillo County, So. Ninetyeight33.2%24.9%41.5%3,1609,514
17-Bernalillo County, No. Ninetyeight18.7%11.7%25.7%1,2826,859
18-Bernalillo County, Montano Rio Grande20.6%7.8%33.4%Unstable4562,216
19-Bernalillo County, Candelaria Second34.1%21.7%46.5%1,2093,543
20-Bernalillo County, Comanche Carlysle42.5%33.0%52.0%1,7694,160
21-Bernalillo County, Indian School Pennsylvania18.4%9.9%26.9%8324,515
22-Bernalillo County, Indian School Juan Tabo33.7%23.3%44.0%1,3684,063
23-Bernalillo County, Montgomery Louisiana19.9%12.1%27.7%7733,892
24-Bernalillo County, Montgomery Moon16.6%7.7%25.5%3922,357
25-Bernalillo County, Comanche Juan Tabo18.4%11.6%25.2%6573,574
26-Bernalillo County, Paseo Louisiana13.2%5.9%20.5%5354,059
27-Bernalillo County, Paseo Ventura6.6%2.8%10.3%4026,118
28-Bernalillo County, East Mountain6.5%1.8%11.2%Unstable2343,612
29-Bernalillo County, Del Norte5.4%1.7%9.2%Unstable2494,584
30-Bernalillo County, Montano Coors17.9%8.2%27.5%5373,004
31-Bernalillo County, Alameda Coors18.3%9.4%27.2%1,1856,478
32-Bernalillo County, Alameda Edith23.8%12.4%35.1%1,0074,240
33-Bernalillo County, Academy Tramway10.8%5.4%16.2%5104,719
34-Bernalillo County, Irving Unser9.9%6.1%13.8%7877,918
35-Chaves County, Roswell N.W.23.9%16.8%30.9%1,9578,200
36-Chaves County, Roswell S.E.36.3%26.6%46.1%1,6684,592
37-Chaves County, Other36.7%27.8%45.7%1,8445,023
38-Cibola County40.3%34.4%46.2%2,6986,697
39-Colfax/Union Counties33.6%24.4%42.9%1,0903,244
40-Curry County, Clovis West45.7%36.1%55.2%2,1544,717
41-Curry County, Clovis East33.4%22.9%44.0%1,8305,478
42-Dona Ana County, Anthony Berino Chaparral60.6%52.2%69.0%4,7197,787
43-Dona Ana County, Central Las Cruces41.3%27.6%55.0%1,7734,294
44-Dona Ana County, Dona Ana Fort Selden31.5%21.2%41.9%1,9906,311
45-Dona Ana County, Hatch and Surrounding Area39.0%27.8%50.2%1,1182,868
46-Dona Ana County, Las Alturas Talavera24.4%12.2%36.5%5232,144
47-Dona Ana County, Mesilla Picacho Mesilla Park30.8%19.4%42.1%8842,874
48-Dona Ana County, Northwest Las Cruces36.4%28.0%44.9%2,4456,712
49-Dona Ana County, Sonoma Butterfield Moongate32.9%17.8%48.0%2,4097,316
50-Dona Ana County, South Valley30.7%18.4%42.9%1,2163,965
51-Dona Ana County, Sunland Park50.4%42.6%58.2%2,9775,907
52-Dona Ana County, South Las Cruces52.8%37.9%67.6%2,1894,149
53-Eddy County, Carlsbad18.1%11.4%24.7%1,4147,834
54-Eddy County, Other22.1%13.2%31.0%1,6177,318
55-Grant County, Silver City34.9%23.8%46.1%1,2503,579
56-Hidalgo County/Grant County, Other30.1%22.7%37.5%1,0693,556
57-Lea County, Hobbs No.19.9%10.8%29.1%1,3166,605
58-Lea County, Hobbs So.38.8%29.8%47.9%1,9905,126
59-Lea County, Other15.4%10.5%20.4%1,5129,783
60-Lincoln County18.0%9.8%26.3%6663,690
61-Los Alamos County5.8%1.1%10.5%Unstable2374,071
62-Luna County41.6%33.6%49.6%2,7106,516
63-McKinley County, Gallup38.1%28.5%47.7%2,8907,584
64-McKinley County, NW53.9%49.1%58.7%2,7175,042
65-McKinley County, SW45.9%39.9%51.9%2,6805,838
66-McKinley County, Other51.1%45.2%57.0%1,9743,863
67-San Miguel County, Las Vegas45.9%35.1%56.8%1,3592,960
68-San Miguel County, Pecos/Villanueva33.6%9.8%57.4%Unstable5751,709
69-Mora/Guadalupe/San Miguel East24.2%11.5%37.0%6582,713
70-Otero County, Alamogordo N.E.21.1%11.4%30.7%8323,948
71-Otero County, Alamogordo S.W.33.7%21.6%45.8%1,1593,438
72-Otero County, Other41.0%31.5%50.5%2,8937,060
73-Quay/DeBaca/Harding Counties32.7%21.3%44.0%7662,346
74-Rio Arriba, Espanola and Pueblos33.1%25.6%40.7%2,2136,681
75-Rio Arriba, North31.8%21.4%42.3%8872,786
76-Roosevelt County/Curry County, Other31.0%24.6%37.3%2,3687,643
77-San Juan County, Farmington North15.8%6.8%24.8%6794,297
78-San Juan County, Farmington Southeast29.4%18.4%40.4%1,2084,107
79-San Juan County, Farmington West/Kirtland/La Plata26.4%16.0%36.7%1,8106,862
80-San Juan County, North/Aztec15.6%9.8%21.5%1,0456,681
81-San Juan County, Northeast/Bloomfield24.6%15.0%34.1%1,0934,447
82-San Juan County, South41.2%35.7%46.7%1,8474,487
83-San Juan County, West47.3%42.1%52.5%2,2494,754
84-Sandoval County, Rio Rancho Blvd, No.6.7%2.5%10.9%Unstable5027,517
85-Sandoval County, Rio Rancho Blvd, So.16.0%9.2%22.9%4222,633
86-Sandoval County, Rio Rancho West24.6%16.3%32.9%1,9107,767
87-Sandoval County, Rio Rancho So.18.4%10.5%26.1%1,1376,195
88-Sandoval County, Bernalillo/Placitas23.0%16.9%29.2%6492,816
89-Sandoval County, Corrales5.9%0.0%14.8%Very Unstable811,373
90-Sandoval County Other East31.6%24.3%38.9%8942,832
91-Sandoval County Other West41.1%34.7%47.4%1,0352,520
92-Santa Fe County, East Foothills + Eldorado8.2%1.8%14.5%Unstable2813,435
93-Santa Fe County, Opera Vicinity3.2%0.0%8.5%Very Unstable702,162
94-Santa Fe County, Pueblos Plus31.8%24.1%39.4%1,3124,131
95-Santa Fe Co., Agua Fria Neighborhood + Downtown31.6%23.2%40.1%1,0323,262
96-Santa Fe County, Agua Fria Village23.5%12.1%34.9%8793,743
97-Santa Fe, Bellamah/Stamm23.5%10.6%36.5%7183,049
98-Santa Fe County, Airport Road24.6%16.8%32.4%1,3775,592
99-Santa Fe County, South17.2%9.6%24.7%5303,082
101-Sierra/Catron Counties33.7%21.9%45.5%7722,291
102-Socorro County32.6%18.9%46.3%1,3324,086
103-Torrance County31.0%22.2%39.8%1,0693,445
104-Taos County, Northwest32.8%18.5%47.1%5241,597
105-Taos County, Downtown and High Road26.8%16.4%37.2%1,2454,648
106-Valencia County, Los Lunas15.0%8.0%22.0%6144,088
107-Valencia County, NE33.1%22.5%43.7%1,3023,933
108-Valencia County, SE38.4%27.9%48.9%2,2845,947
109-Valencia County, West and Belen28.4%16.8%40.1%1,2854,518
New Mexico27.2%26.0%28.4%136,010500,037
United States20.3%20.1%20.5%

Data Notes

The small-area percentages in poverty derive from the American Community Survey (ACS) 5-Year Estimates. 95% confidence intervals were calculated from the ACS 90% confidence intervals. The small-area and statewide population denominators derive from from the UNM GPS population estimates (using the mid-point year population estimates). The statewide and national percentages and the national population estimates derive from SAIPE estimates. Statewide totals and percentages will differ between estimates made using U.S. Census SAIPE and ACS values, due to rounding differences and dissimilar methodologies.

Data Sources

  • U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates.
  • Population Estimates: University of New Mexico, Geospatial and Population Studies (GPS) Program,

References and Community Resources

[ The Annie E. Casey Foundation's 2014 KIDS COUNT Data Book]

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