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Complete Health Indicator Report of Years of Potential Life Lost (YPLL - Premature Mortality) Before Age 75


YPLL can be defined as the years of potential life lost due to premature death.


Sum of years of life lost is 75 minus the age at death, summed across all deaths of persons under age 75.


New Mexico population.

Why Is This Important?

YPLLs can show the burden of premature deaths due to a particular cause of death within a population. YPLLs can also be used to distinguish the burden of premature death in populations. Unlike crude and standard age-adjusted measures, YPLL emphasizes the processes underlying premature death in a population. By giving weight to each year of expected life lost, the YPLL measure values deaths at younger ages more. Deaths at younger ages are more likely due to preventable causes and can be decreased by intervention and education efforts.

How Are We Doing?

Improvements in nutrition, hygiene, and medical care have contributed to decreases in death rates and years of life lost throughout the lifespan of all New Mexicans and Americans. Specifically, prevention and control of infectious diseases have improved the quality of life for all persons.

How Do We Compare With the U.S.?

YPLL in New Mexico is higher than that in the U.S.Age-adjusted YPLL before age 75 was 7,608.5 years in New Mexico compared with 6,474.3 in the United States, overall.

What Is Being Done?

Now that people are living longer, it is important to look at ways that those added years can be lived in good health. Exercise, healthy diet and weight, not smoking, moderate use of alcohol and injury prevention habits such as wearing seat belts all contribute to a healthy lifespan.

Related Indicators

Relevant Population Characteristics

Death rates from particular diseases and conditions may vary and impact years of potential life lost depending on the ages at which those deaths occur.

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Graphical Data Views

Premature Mortality (YPLL) per 100,000 Population for 15 Leading Causes of Early Mortality, New Mexico 2017

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Leading Causes of YPLLYPLL per 100,000 PopulationNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 16
Unintentional Injuries1,691.635,5662,102,521
Heart Disease870.518,3022,102,521
Chronic Liver Disease552.211,6102,102,521
Diabetes Mellitus257.55,4142,102,521
Perinatal Conditions227.94,7912,102,521
Chronic Lower Resp. Disease188.63,9652,102,521
Birth defects and Abnormalities134.92,8372,102,521
Influenza and Pneumonia96.02,0182,102,521
Kidney Disease78.11,6422,102,521
Viral Hepatitis42.68962,102,521

Data Notes

YPLL in this graph has not been age-adjusted. "Premature" mortality for this indicator has been defined here as, "death at an age younger than 75."

Data Sources

  • New Mexico Death Data: Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics (BVRHS), New Mexico Department of Health.
  • New Mexico Population Estimates: University of New Mexico, Geospatial and Population Studies (GPS) Program,

Premature Mortality (YPLL) per 100,000 Population From All Causes of Death by County, New Mexico, 2015-2017

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CountyYPLL per 100,000 PopulationNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 34
De Baca11,182.66285,616
Dona Ana6,147.539,929649,518
Los Alamos4,197.42,30654,939
Rio Arriba13,587.316,148118,846
San Juan9,627.537,163386,010
San Miguel9,559.18,06384,349
Santa Fe6,823.530,466446,484
New Mexico8,166.8515,2256,308,753

Data Notes

YPLL in this graph has not been age-adjusted. "Premature" mortality for this indicator has been defined here as, "death at an age younger than 75."

Data Sources

  • New Mexico Death Data: Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics (BVRHS), New Mexico Department of Health.
  • New Mexico Population Estimates: University of New Mexico, Geospatial and Population Studies (GPS) Program,
  • U.S. Data Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, ]]

Premature Mortality (YPLL) per 100,000 Population From All Causes of Death by Small Area, New Mexico, 2012-2016

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Small AreaYPLL per 100,000 PopulationNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 109
1-Bernalillo County, Central Penn12,915.118,008139,434
2-Bernalillo County, Central Tabo8,945.514,082157,420
3-Bernalillo County, East Gateway5,912.05,81998,426
4-Bernalillo County, Lomas San Mateo7,243.57,464103,045
5-Bernalillo County, Lomas Girard4,320.23,25975,436
6-Bernalillo County, Gibson University7,465.84,89465,552
7-Bernalillo County, Rio Bravo Second9,314.94,53748,707
8-Bernalillo County, Lomas Broadway8,952.39,229103,091
9-Military Bases2,836.71,63257,532
10-Bernalillo County, Isleta Gun Club9,183.46,35569,201
11-Bernalillo County, Arenal Unser6,947.65,95385,684
12-Bernalillo County, Chavez OneEighteenth6,816.08,579125,867
13-Bernalillo County, Southwest7,095.24,52163,719
14-Bernalillo County, Arenal Tapia9,539.59,42098,747
15-Bernalillo County, Central Coors9,003.810,263113,985
16-Bernalillo County, So. Ninetyeight6,683.29,703145,185
17-Bernalillo County, No. Ninetyeight6,619.68,537128,966
18-Bernalillo County, Montano Rio Grande5,770.33,59262,250
19-Bernalillo County, Candelaria Second8,791.07,66187,146
20-Bernalillo County, Comanche Carlysle9,315.38,26588,725
21-Bernalillo County, Indian School Pennsylvania7,969.210,401130,516
22-Bernalillo County, Indian School Juan Tabo8,580.58,624100,507
23-Bernalillo County, Montgomery Louisiana6,603.77,247109,741
24-Bernalillo County, Montgomery Moon5,171.53,36965,145
25-Bernalillo County, Comanche Juan Tabo6,976.46,36991,294
26-Bernalillo County, Paseo Louisiana6,268.26,377101,735
27-Bernalillo County, Paseo Ventura4,097.15,795141,441
28-Bernalillo County, East Mountain6,199.05,99596,709
29-Bernalillo County, Del Norte4,234.24,14797,940
30-Bernalillo County, Montano Coors6,486.34,31866,571
31-Bernalillo County, Alameda Coors5,337.26,386119,651
32-Bernalillo County, Alameda Edith7,916.38,088102,169
33-Bernalillo County, Academy Tramway4,604.36,507141,324
34-Bernalillo County, Irving Unser5,095.07,203141,374
35-Chaves County, Roswell N.W.8,199.413,151160,391
36-Chaves County, Roswell S.E.10,070.48,22581,675
37-Chaves County, Other5,976.75,28088,343
38-Cibola County9,880.813,558137,215
39-Colfax/Union Counties9,201.48,07687,769
40-Curry County, Clovis West7,899.06,42181,289
41-Curry County, Clovis East7,014.27,578108,039
42-Dona Ana County, Anthony Berino Chaparral4,931.55,891119,457
43-Dona Ana County, Central Las Cruces8,378.47,80693,169
44-Dona Ana County, Dona Ana Fort Selden6,389.07,713120,723
45-Dona Ana County, Hatch and Surrounding Area4,978.03,02160,687
46-Dona Ana County, Las Alturas Talavera4,369.62,84165,017
47-Dona Ana County, Mesilla Picacho Mesilla Park5,530.13,34760,523
48-Dona Ana County, Northwest Las Cruces6,144.68,005130,278
49-Dona Ana County, Sonoma Butterfield Moongate5,838.28,374143,434
50-Dona Ana County, South Valley6,555.64,84073,830
51-Dona Ana County, Sunland Park5,199.04,98095,788
52-Dona Ana County, South Las Cruces5,512.45,885106,758
53-Eddy County, Carlsbad9,126.813,614149,166
54-Eddy County, Other8,764.911,616132,529
55-Grant County, Silver City8,006.16,72684,011
56-Hidalgo County/Grant County, Other8,333.47,09885,176
57-Lea County, Hobbs No.7,313.17,758106,084
58-Lea County, Hobbs So.9,162.76,63072,358
59-Lea County, Other7,488.512,372165,214
60-Lincoln County8,472.58,562101,056
61-Los Alamos County3,418.63,08090,096
62-Luna County8,098.110,052124,128
63-McKinley County, Gallup9,727.812,101124,396
64-McKinley County, NW15,146.512,45382,217
65-McKinley County, SW13,227.013,10999,108
66-McKinley County, Other13,649.48,76664,223
67-San Miguel County, Las Vegas11,200.48,74578,078
68-San Miguel County, Pecos/Villanueva7,323.93,16843,256
69-Mora/Guadalupe/San Miguel East9,417.76,38067,745
70-Otero County, Alamogordo N.E.6,857.46,22290,734
71-Otero County, Alamogordo S.W.9,019.27,11078,832
72-Otero County, Other8,808.412,422141,024
73-Quay/DeBaca/Harding Counties10,639.25,99456,339
74-Rio Arriba, Espanola and Pueblos12,656.217,741140,177
75-Rio Arriba, North13,655.48,11359,412
76-Roosevelt County/Curry County, Other6,297.09,456150,168
77-San Juan County, Farmington North4,730.03,95883,679
78-San Juan County, Farmington Southeast7,989.56,10476,400
79-San Juan County, Farmington West/Kirtland/La Plata7,786.79,360120,206
80-San Juan County, North/Aztec7,253.29,203126,882
81-San Juan County, Northeast/Bloomfield7,923.16,30979,628
82-San Juan County, South11,924.19,38178,672
83-San Juan County, West14,320.811,94983,438
84-Sandoval County, Rio Rancho Blvd, No.5,250.67,887150,213
85-Sandoval County, Rio Rancho Blvd, So.6,569.64,89774,540
86-Sandoval County, Rio Rancho West6,198.48,021129,404
87-Sandoval County, Rio Rancho So.6,173.17,330118,741
88-Sandoval County, Bernalillo/Placitas7,380.95,60775,966
89-Sandoval County, Corrales5,084.22,20843,429
90-Sandoval County Other East10,472.35,04748,194
91-Sandoval County Other West12,540.16,32450,430
92-Santa Fe County, East Foothills + Eldorado4,685.95,523117,864
93-Santa Fe County, Opera Vicinity5,680.84,04771,240
94-Santa Fe County, Pueblos Plus8,358.08,33599,725
95-Santa Fe Co., Agua Fria Neighborhood + Downtown8,235.39,852119,631
96-Santa Fe County, Agua Fria Village7,512.15,24769,847
97-Santa Fe, Bellamah/Stamm7,586.36,91291,112
98-Santa Fe County, Airport Road5,224.64,74890,877
99-Santa Fe County, South7,234.35,60077,409
101-Sierra/Catron Counties12,312.79,36476,051
102-Socorro County9,863.98,66587,846
103-Torrance County9,480.87,49679,065
104-Taos County, Northwest7,499.43,53247,097
105-Taos County, Downtown and High Road8,752.510,453119,428
106-Valencia County, Los Lunas6,976.55,66081,129
107-Valencia County, NE7,887.56,33980,367
108-Valencia County, SE7,750.78,917115,047
109-Valencia County, West and Belen9,061.19,643106,422
New Mexico7,726.7810,85310,494,122

Data Notes

YPLL in this graph has not been age-adjusted. "Premature" mortality for this indicator has been defined here as, "death at an age younger than 75."

Data Sources

  • New Mexico Death Data: Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics (BVRHS), New Mexico Department of Health.
  • New Mexico Population Estimates: University of New Mexico, Geospatial and Population Studies (GPS) Program,

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