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Important Facts for Pregnancy Intention - Title X/NM Family Planning Program


The percentage of female Title X clients in a specific or any age group who seek family planning services and are pregnant or intend to become pregnant.


The count of female Title X clients in a specific or any age group who seek family planning services and are pregnant or intend to become pregnant.


The population of female Title X clients in the age group per year.

Data Interpretation Issues

The pregnancy intention rate includes women who present for Title X family planning services who are either pregnant or intend to become pregnant.

Why Is This Important?

In 2016, there were 24,503 births to NM resident mothers (a birth rate of 11.6 births per 1,000), compared to the 27,795 births in 2010 (a birth rate of 13.5 births per 1,000). In 2013, 50.8% of NM women who had a live birth indicated that their pregnancy was unintended. Higher proportions of young (75.3%), American Indian (63%), and Hispanic (51.3%) women, and those with high school education or less (67.4%) had unintended pregnancies. Among mothers not trying to get pregnant, 47.4% were not using any method of contraception to prevent pregnancy (NM-IBIS, 2017). The most common reasons for not utilizing contraception were: not minding a pregnancy; thinking a pregnancy could not occur; or, having a husband or partner who did not want to use birth control (NM Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System [PRAMS], 2013).

Healthy People Objective: FP-8, Reduce pregnancy rates among adolescent females

U.S. Target: Not applicable, see subobjectives in this category

How Are We Doing?

The age-group with the highest pregnancy/seeking pregnancy rate is the 25-29 year age-group, with as much as one in five women receiving Title X services reporting pregnancy or the intent to become pregnant (rates from 2010 to 2014 were all above 20%). When a woman who is pregnant or intends to become pregnant seeks Title X services, she is provided with prenatal vitamins and a referral to the NM WIC program (for the special supplemental food program and other benefits). The pregnancy/pregnancy intention rate has been steadily decreasing since 2013 (17%) to the current rate of 10% (in 2017).

How Do We Compare With the U.S.?

The US pregnant/seeking pregnancy percentage between 2007 and 2016 (the most recent year with data available) has been between 8% and 9%. For NM, the rate fluctuates from 9% (in 2008) and 18% in 2010, with the most recent data (from 2017) at 10%.

What Is Being Done?

The NM Family Planning Program refers pregnant women and women seeking to pregnancy to the NM Women, Infants, and Children Program for the special supplemental food program, breastfeeding support, and nutrition programming for pregnant and post-partum mothers and their children aged 5 years and younger.

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