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Alphabetical Indicator Profile Selection List

Welcome to the alphabetical selection list of all available health indicator reports. To view a health indicator profile report, click on the item's title located in the following list. The Indicator Profile by Topic Selection Index provides a hierarchical selection menu that organizes the health indicator profile reports by topic/subject.

Indicator Profile TitlePublished Date
Record Count: 226
Air Quality - Ozone Level01/21/2016
Air Quality - Particulate Matter (PM2.5) Level01/11/2016
Alcohol - Adult Binge Drinking05/30/2018
Alcohol - Adult Heavy Drinking05/30/2018
Alcohol - Alcohol-Related Chronic Liver Disease Deaths05/30/2018
Alcohol - Alcohol-Related Chronic Liver Disease Hospital Discharges02/08/2018
Alcohol - Alcohol-Related Death06/01/2018
Alcohol - Alcohol-related Chronic Disease Deaths05/30/2018
Alcohol - Alcohol-related Injury Deaths06/18/2018
Alcohol - Alcohol-related Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash (MVTC) Death05/30/2018
Alcohol - Alcohol-related Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash (MVTC) Non-fatal Injuries06/26/2018
Alcohol - Drinking and Driving Among Adults05/30/2018
Alcohol - Drinking and Driving Among Youth05/30/2018
Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions - Acute04/29/2015
Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions - Chronic04/29/2015
Arthritis Prevalence07/19/2018
Asthma Emergency Department Encounters06/12/2018
Asthma Hospital Admissions11/02/2018
Asthma Hospital Discharges - Adults11/09/2017
Asthma Hospital Discharges - Children11/09/2017
Asthma Mortality11/02/2018
Asthma Prevalence Among Children11/01/2017
Asthma Prevalence in Adults12/28/2017
Binge Drinking Among High School Students (Grades 9-12)05/30/2018
Birth Defects: Prevalence of Anencephaly per 10,000 Live Births07/31/2014
Birth Defects: Prevalence of Cleft Lip with or without Cleft Palate per 10,000 Live Births07/31/2014
Birth Defects: Prevalence of Cleft Palate without Cleft Lip per 10,000 Live Births07/31/2014
Birth Defects: Prevalence of Gastroschisis per 10,000 Live Births07/31/2014
Birth Defects: Prevalence of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome per 10,000 Live Births07/31/2014
Birth Defects: Prevalence of Hypospadias per 10,000 Live Male Births07/31/2014
Birth Defects: Prevalence of Lower Limb Deficiencies per 10,000 Live Births07/31/2014
Birth Defects: Prevalence of Spina Bifida (without Anencephaly) per 10,000 Live Births07/31/2014
Birth Defects: Prevalence of Tetralogy of Fallot per 10,000 Live Births07/31/2014
Birth Defects: Prevalence of Transposition of the Great Arteries (Vessels) per 10,000 Live Births07/31/2014
Birth Defects: Prevalence of Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) per 10,000 Live Births07/31/2014
Birth Defects: Prevalence of Upper Limb Deficiencies per 10,000 Live Births07/31/2014
Birth Mothers' Educational Attainment: High School Degree or Higher10/04/2017
Birth Outcomes - Low Birthweight11/06/2018
Birth Outcomes: Growth Retardation at Birth: Percentage of Low Birthweight Live Term Singleton Births07/31/2014
Birth Outcomes: Preterm Singleton Births03/13/2014
Birth Outcomes: Sex Ratio at Birth03/13/2014
Birth Outcomes: Total Fertility Rate04/17/2014
Breastfeeding in Early Postpartum Period06/14/2012
Cancer Deaths - Breast Cancer01/24/2018
Cancer Deaths - Cervical Cancer12/27/2017
Cancer Deaths - Colorectal Cancer12/27/2017
Cancer Deaths - Lung Cancer01/24/2018
Cancer Deaths - Melanoma01/08/2018
Cancer Deaths - Overall02/12/2018
Cancer Deaths - Prostate Cancer12/27/2017
Cancer Incidence - Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia06/22/2014
Cancer Incidence - Acute Myeloid Leukemia06/22/2014
Cancer Incidence - Bladder Cancer06/22/2014
Cancer Incidence - Brain and Central Nervous System Cancer06/22/2014
Cancer Incidence - Breast Cancer08/22/2018
Cancer Incidence - Cancer of the Lung and Bronchus06/22/2014
Cancer Incidence - Cancer of the Oral Cavity and Pharynx06/22/2014
Cancer Incidence - Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia06/22/2014
Cancer Incidence - Esophagus Cancer06/22/2014
Cancer Incidence - Kidney and Renal Pelvis06/22/2014
Cancer Incidence - Larynx Cancer05/04/2018
Cancer Incidence - Liver and Intrahepatic Bile Duct06/22/2014
Cancer Incidence - Melanoma of the Skin06/22/2014
Cancer Incidence - Mesothelioma06/22/2014
Cancer Incidence - Pancreas Cancer05/04/2018
Cancer Incidence - Prostate Cancer08/14/2014
Cancer Incidence: Leukemia06/14/2012
Cancer Incidence: Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma06/14/2012
Cancer Incidence: Thyroid Cancer06/14/2012
Cancer Screening - Colorectal Cancer Screening10/31/2017
Cancer Screening - Mammography02/14/2018
Cancer Screening - Pap Test10/31/2017
Carbon Monoxide Exposure Calls02/02/2018
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Emergency Department Visits10/10/2017
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hospitalizations10/31/2018
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Mortality11/02/2018
Cardiovascular Disease - Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) Hospitalizations11/05/2018
Cardiovascular Disease - Heart Disease Deaths11/28/2018
Cardiovascular Disease - High Blood Pressure01/13/2016
Cardiovascular Disease - High Cholesterol01/13/2016
Cardiovascular Disease - Prevalence01/13/2016
Cardiovascular Disease - Stroke Deaths11/28/2018
Child Abuse and Neglect11/28/2018
Child Care, Licensed Care Availability, June 201708/28/2017
Child Care, Licensed Provider Capacity for Infants and Toddlers, June 201708/28/2017
Child Care, Licensed Provider Total Capacity, All Children, June 201708/28/2017
Child Care, Quality Rating for Licensed Providers, June 201708/28/2017
Child Care, Working Families and Availability of Licensed Providers, June 201708/28/2017
Child Home Visiting Programs08/29/2017
Chlamydia Rates11/05/2018
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Deaths10/30/2018
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Emergency Department Visits04/03/2018
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Hospital Admissions11/07/2018
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Prevalence10/23/2018
Community Water: Arsenic Concentration03/22/2018
Community Water: Atrazine Concentration03/29/2018
Community Water: Di (2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) Concentration03/22/2018
Community Water: Haloacetic Acids (Five) (HAA5) Concentration - Disinfection Byproducts03/22/2018
Community Water: Nitrate Concentration03/22/2018
Community Water: Radium Concentration03/29/2018
Community Water: Tetrachloroethylene (PCE) Concentration03/22/2018
Community Water: Total Trihalomethanes (TTHM) Concentration - Disinfection Byproducts03/22/2018
Community Water: Trichloroethylene (TCE)03/22/2018
Community Water: Uranium Concentration03/22/2018
Crime Rate03/16/2018
Death Rate from All Causes02/12/2018
Death Rates from Leading Causes of Death11/28/2018
Diabetes (Diagnosed) Prevalence02/14/2018
Diabetes Deaths11/28/2018
Diabetes Hospitalizations02/12/2018
Drug Overdose Deaths05/30/2018
Food Insecurity08/28/2018
General Health Status11/29/2018
Gonorrhea Rates09/12/2017
HIV Infection - New Diagnoses01/22/2016
HIV Infection - New Stage 3 Infections01/22/2016
HIV Infection - Persons Living With HIV01/22/2016
Health Care Access - Primary Care Physicians Compared to Population Size09/22/2017
Health Care Access - Primary Medical Provider01/24/2018
Health Care Access - Unable to Get Care Because of Cost10/26/2017
Health Insurance Coverage - BRFSS Survey Estimates11/06/2018
Health Insurance Coverage - Estimates from U.S. Census Bureau02/08/2018
Heat Stress Emergency Department Visits10/10/2017
Heat Stress Hospitalizations11/09/2018
Immunization - Childhood Coverage with 4:3:1:3:3:1:4, National Immunization Survey10/16/2018
Immunization - Influenza Vaccination, Adults Age 65+02/15/2018
Immunization - Pneumonia Vaccination, Adults Age 65+02/14/2018
Infant Mortality02/12/2018
Influenza and Pneumonia Deaths02/12/2018
Injury - Child Injury Deaths06/25/2018
Injury - Firearm Injury Deaths02/12/2018
Injury - Intimate Partner Violence10/28/2015
Injury - Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Deaths02/14/2018
Injury - Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Non-fatal Injuries06/26/2018
Injury - Older Adult Falls Deaths11/09/2018
Injury - Older Adult Falls Hospitalization04/26/2018
Injury - Sexual Violence11/02/2015
Injury - Traumatic Brain Injury Deaths11/06/2018
Injury - Traumatic Brain Injury Emergency Department Visits10/17/2018
Injury - Unintentional Injury Deaths11/02/2018
Injury - Unintentional Injury Hospitalization03/06/2015
Injury - Youth History of Forced Sex03/02/2017
Injury - Youth Physical Dating Violence03/02/2017
Invasive Pneumococcal Disease - Persons Aged 65 Years and Older08/30/2017
Lead Exposure - Annual Childhood Blood Lead Levels06/20/2017
Lead Exposure - Children Born in the Same Year and Tested for Lead Before Age Three Years04/13/2017
Lead Exposure - Children Under Age Three Years with Confirmed Elevated Blood Lead Levels04/13/2017
Life Expectancy From Birth11/09/2018
Life Expectancy from Age 6501/17/2018
Literacy - Adults Lacking Basic Prose Literacy Skills09/09/2015
Medicaid Enrollment01/02/2018
Mental Health - Adult Depression05/30/2018
Mental Health - Adult Self-reported Mental Distress05/30/2018
Mental Health - Adult Suicidal Ideation04/09/2018
Mental Health - Adult Suicide Attempts04/09/2018
Mental Health - Emergency Department Admissions for Self Injury02/03/2017
Mental Health - Youth Attempted Suicide05/30/2018
Mental Health - Youth Feeling Sad/Hopeless10/05/2018
Mental Health - Youth Injured in a Suicide Attempt09/19/2017
Mental Health - Youth Non-Suicidal Self Injury09/19/2017
Mental Health - Youth Seriously Considered Suicide05/30/2018
Mental Health - Youth Who Made a Suicide Plan09/19/2017
Multiple Chronic Conditions09/25/2017
New Mexico Population - Age 0-1707/25/2017
New Mexico Population - Age 0-508/30/2017
New Mexico Population - Age 65+08/02/2017
New Mexico Population - Age Dependency Ratio08/30/2017
New Mexico Population - Age Distribution07/21/2017
New Mexico Population - Education, Bachelor's Degree or Higher01/12/2018
New Mexico Population - Education, No High School Diploma02/19/2018
New Mexico Population - Language Other Than English Spoken at Home02/13/2018
New Mexico Population - Language, Speak English Less than 'Very Well'09/29/2017
New Mexico Population - Median Household Income02/13/2018
New Mexico Population - Poverty Among All Persons01/19/2018
New Mexico Population - Poverty Among Children Age 5-1710/19/2018
New Mexico Population - Poverty Among Children Under Age 1802/13/2018
New Mexico Population - Poverty Among Children Under Age 508/28/2017
New Mexico Population - Race/Ethnicity01/24/2018
New Mexico Population - Single Female Parent Head of Household10/02/2017
New Mexico Population - Young Children With Parents in the Workforce08/28/2017
New Mexico Population Demographics - Homes Built Before 195007/19/2017
Nutrition - Adolescent Fruit and Vegetable Consumption01/18/2017
Nutrition - Adult Fruit and Vegetable Consumption12/29/2016
Obesity - Adolescent Prevalence02/08/2017
Obesity - Adult Prevalence02/12/2018
Occupational Health: Fatal Work-Related Injuries09/17/2012
Occupational Health: Non-Fatal Work Related Injuries and Illnesses Reported by Employers09/17/2012
Opioid Overdose Related Emergency Department Visits08/28/2018
Oral Health - Annual Dental Visits Among Adults01/23/2018
Oral Health - Tooth Retention01/23/2018
Physical Activity - Adolescent Prevalence07/13/2016
Physical Activity - Adult Prevalence08/22/2017
Physical Activity, Adolescent: Attends Physical Education Class Daily12/01/2014
Physical Activity, Adolescent: Watching 3+ Hours of TV Daily12/01/2014
Prenatal Care in the First Trimester11/06/2018
Public Education - Free and Reduced Price Lunch Eligibility08/28/2017
Public Education - Habitual Truancy08/28/2017
Public Education - High School Graduation Rate06/12/2018
Public Education - Math Proficiency08/29/2017
Public Education - Reading Proficiency08/29/2017
Public Education - School Grades08/28/2017
Public Education - Science Proficiency08/28/2017
Seat Belt Use Among Adolescents12/01/2014
Smoking-Related Deaths05/30/2018
Suicide Death11/05/2018
Syphilis Rates09/12/2017
Teen Birth Rate02/09/2018
Teen Birth Rate for State and National Comparisons01/26/2018
Tobacco Use - Adult Smokeless Tobacco Prevalence10/23/2018
Tobacco Use - Adult Smoking Prevalence10/23/2018
Tobacco Use - Youth E-Cigarette Prevalence12/06/2018
Tobacco Use - Youth Frequent Smoking05/30/2018
Tobacco Use - Youth Overall Tobacco Prevalence12/06/2018
Tobacco Use - Youth Smokeless Tobacco Prevalence10/23/2018
Tobacco Use - Youth Smoking Prevalence10/23/2018
Unemployment Rate07/19/2017
Years of Potential Life Lost (YPLL - Premature Mortality) Before Age 7511/02/2017
Youth Current Cocaine Use09/28/2018
Youth Current Heroin Use05/30/2018
Youth Current Inhalant Use05/30/2018
Youth Current Marijuana Use05/30/2018
Youth Current Methamphetamine Use09/28/2018
Youth Use of Pain Killers to Get High05/30/2018
Youth with a Caring and Supportive Relationship in the Family12/06/2017

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