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Health Indicator Report of Birth Outcomes: Total Fertility Rate

Approximately 10% of problems with fertility are unknown and environmental contaminants including endocrine disruptors have been hypothesized as major contributors. The case of DES revealed environmental contamination can have multi-generational impacts on reproduction that need to be studied and tracked long term. Several indicators have been used to track fertility on a global, national, state and local level. Indicators most commonly used are the general fertility rate (GFR) which is defined as the number of live births divided by the total number of women of "reproductive age" (15-44 years), and the total fertility rate (TFR). The total fertility rate differs from the general fertility rate in that it adjusts for age-specific differences in fertility and shows the potential impact of current fertility patterns on reproduction allowing for more valid comparisons of rates across time and space.

Total Fertility Rate per 1,000 Women of Reproductive Age by County, New Mexico 2012


The Total Fertility Rate indicates the average number of births to a hypothetical cohort of 1,000 women if they experienced the age-specific birth rates observed in a given year.


For Total Fertility Rate, the numerator is the sum of age-specific fertility rates in five-year age groups for women of reproductive age (15-44 years) * 5


Total number of women of reproductive age

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