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Health Indicator Report of Medicaid Enrollment

Medicaid provides health coverage for those New Mexicans living below a certain percentage of the federal poverty level, and provides coverage for almost half of New Mexico's children. People with health coverage are more likely to receive preventive medical care and are consequently less likely to suffer from preventable illnesses and complications of those illnesses.
"Pre-ACA" represents the Affordable Care Act (ACA) period before ACA enrollment was available. Values are average enrollments from July, August and September 2013. "Post-ACA" values are average monthly enrollment counts from 2014, forward.


Enrollment varies from one month to the next. The average monthly enrollment was used to compute these percentages.   Pre-ACA Average Monthly Medicaid/CHIP Enrollment: The average number of individuals enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP for each month during the July-September, 2013 period using an average of enrollment numbers submitted by the states for each month in this period. Post-ACA Medicaid/CHIP Monthly Enrollment: The total unduplicated number of individuals enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP as of the last day of each reporting period, including those with retroactive, conditional, and presumptive eligibility. This indicator is a point-in-time count of total program enrollment, and is not solely a count of those newly enrolled during the reporting period. This number includes only those individuals who were eligible for comprehensive benefits (e.g., emergency Medicaid, family planning-only coverage and limited benefit dual eligible individuals are excluded). Annual Medicaid enrollment percentages were calculated using the July 1st population estimates for the same calendar year.

Data Source

U.S. Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS), as reported on the Kaiser Family Foundation website: []


The monthly percentage of the population enrolled in Medicaid, averaged over the months in the measurement period.


Monthly number of Medicaid cases, averaged over the months in the measurement period.


Total population.

Other Objectives

New Mexico Community Health Status Indicator (CHSI)

Available Services

New Mexico Human Services Department, Income Support Division: []
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