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Health Indicator Report of New Mexico Population - Age Dependency Ratio

The dependency ratio is an indicator of the amount of burden that non-working individuals in society place on the working-aged population. A high ratio means there are more non-working individuals compared to working-aged individuals. Working-aged individuals tend to pay much more in taxes. Seniors aged 65 or older and children younger than age 15 are likely to be socially and/or economically dependent on working-age population, and they may put additional demands on New Mexico families and health services. A rising dependency ratio is a concern in areas like New Mexico that are facing an aging population, since it becomes difficult for pension and tax-supported services to provide for a significantly older, non-working population.

Data Sources

  • New Mexico Population Estimates: University of New Mexico, Geospatial and Population Studies (GPS) Program,
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, CDC WONDER Online Database (

Data Interpretation Issues

The Age dependency ratio is based on age rather than employment status. It does not account for people under age 15 or over age 64 who are working, nor for working-age people who are unemployed or not in the labor force.


Ratio of the combined dependent population aged 0-14 and aged 65 and older to the working population aged 15-64, expressed as the number of dependents per 100 people of working age. Higher values indicate a greater level of age-related dependency in the population.


Estimated population aged 0-14 and those aged 65 and over


Estimated population aged 15-64
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