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Data List for Teen Birth Rate for Girls Age 15-17 and 18-19 by Year and Mother's Age Group, New Mexico, 1990-2014

Ages 15-17 vs 18-19 for Teen BirthsYearBirths per 1,000 Girls in the PopulationLower LimitUpper LimitNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 50
NM Mothers Age 18-191990124.6120.3128.92,79522,430
NM Mothers Age 18-191991122.6118.3126.82,82223,027
NM Mothers Age 18-191992121.1116.9125.22,86023,623
NM Mothers Age 18-191993120.4116.3124.52,91524,219
NM Mothers Age 18-191994114.8110.9118.82,85024,816
NM Mothers Age 18-191995113.8109.9117.72,89125,412
NM Mothers Age 18-191996110.5106.7114.32,87426,008
NM Mothers Age 18-191997106.3102.6110.02,82826,605
NM Mothers Age 18-191998108.8105.1112.52,96027,201
NM Mothers Age 18-191999105.4101.8109.02,92927,798
NM Mothers Age 18-192000103.9100.4107.52,95328,412
NM Mothers Age 18-192001101.097.5104.52,87728,495
NM Mothers Age 18-192002100.496.9103.82,86828,577
NM Mothers Age 18-192003101.397.8104.82,90428,657
NM Mothers Age 18-19200496.092.699.42,75828,739
NM Mothers Age 18-19200598.995.4102.32,85028,820
NM Mothers Age 18-192006105.0101.5108.63,03528,901
NM Mothers Age 18-192007107.5104.0111.13,11628,983
NM Mothers Age 18-192008101.297.7104.62,94029,064
NM Mothers Age 18-192009100.597.1104.02,93029,145
NM Mothers Age 18-19201088.184.991.42,57829,249
NM Mothers Age 18-19201180.076.983.22,34029,235
NM Mothers Age 18-19201277.374.280.32,26729,343
NM Mothers Age 18-19201369.366.472.22,04229,447
NM Mothers Age 18-19201459.957.262.61,76929,551
NM Mothers Age 15-17199046.344.148.61,55833,645
NM Mothers Age 15-17199149.146.851.41,69534,536
NM Mothers Age 15-17199251.048.753.31,80835,434
NM Mothers Age 15-17199353.851.556.11,95536,329
NM Mothers Age 15-17199453.451.255.71,98937,224
NM Mothers Age 15-17199551.148.953.31,94938,118
NM Mothers Age 15-17199648.546.450.61,89239,013
NM Mothers Age 15-17199746.844.748.91,86839,907
NM Mothers Age 15-17199846.544.548.61,89840,802
NM Mothers Age 15-17199943.441.445.41,81041,696
NM Mothers Age 15-17200039.838.041.71,69742,624
NM Mothers Age 15-17200138.536.740.41,64742,748
NM Mothers Age 15-17200238.136.340.01,63542,870
NM Mothers Age 15-17200337.635.839.41,61842,991
NM Mothers Age 15-17200438.136.339.91,64143,113
NM Mothers Age 15-17200537.435.739.21,61943,234
NM Mothers Age 15-17200636.735.038.51,59243,356
NM Mothers Age 15-17200736.935.138.71,60543,478
NM Mothers Age 15-17200836.634.938.41,59743,600
NM Mothers Age 15-17200933.832.135.51,47943,721
NM Mothers Age 15-17201029.327.830.91,28743,877
NM Mothers Age 15-17201125.223.826.71,10743,856
NM Mothers Age 15-17201222.721.324.199844,017
NM Mothers Age 15-17201320.519.121.890444,174
NM Mothers Age 15-17201417.216.118.576444,334

Data Sources

  • Birth Certificate Data, Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics (BVRHS), New Mexico Department of Health.
  • New Mexico Population Estimates: Geospatial and Population Studies Program, University of New Mexico.
  • U.S. Data: National Vital Statistics System (NVSS), National Center for Health Statistics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Teen Birth Rate is the number of births to females in the age group per 1,000 of the age group female population.

How We Calculated the Rates

Numerator:The number of births to females in the age group per year.
Denominator:The population of females in the age group per year.

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