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Data List for Percentage Unemployed New Mexico and U.S., 2000 - 2014

NM vs. U.S.YearPercentage UnemployedNumer- atorDenom- inator
Record Count: 30
New Mexico20005.0%42,269852,293
New Mexico20014.9%42,679863,682
New Mexico20025.5%48,321871,512
New Mexico20035.9%52,633888,468
New Mexico20045.8%51,863901,833
New Mexico20055.2%47,104913,453
New Mexico20064.1%38,496930,832
New Mexico20073.5%32,997941,554
New Mexico20084.5%43,218961,259
New Mexico20097.2%68,546955,904
New Mexico20108.4%80,202953,314
New Mexico20117.5%69,616931,659
New Mexico20126.9%64,591935,890
New Mexico20136.9%63,690922,960
New Mexico20146.5%60,057918,206
United States20004.0%5,692,000142,583,000
United States20014.7%6,801,000143,734,000
United States20025.8%8,378,000144,863,000
United States20036.0%8,774,000146,510,000
United States20045.5%8,149,000147,401,000
United States20055.1%7,591,000149,320,000
United States20064.6%7,001,000151,428,000
United States20074.6%7,078,000153,124,000
United States20085.8%8,924,000154,287,000
United States20099.3%14,265,000154,142,000
United States20109.6%14,825,000153,889,000
United States20118.9%13,747,000153,617,000
United States20128.1%12,506,000154,975,000
United States20137.4%
United States20146.2%9,617,000155,922,000

Data Notes

Data are not seasonally adjusted.

Data Source

New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions, 401 Broadway NE, Albuquerque NM 87102. Phone: (505)841-8645. Website:

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The percentage of the civilian labor force that was not employed and seeking employment. See Data Interpretation Issues for more information about the definition of employed versus unemployed persons.

How We Calculated the Rates

Numerator:The number of unemployed persons in the civilian labor force.
Denominator:The total of persons in the civilian labor force, the sum of employed and unemployed persons.

Date Indicator Content Last Updated: 11/20/2015

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