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Query Builder for Influenza and Pneumonia Inpatient Hospitalizations - Crude Rates, Hospitalizations Per 10,000 Population

New Mexico Hospital Inpatient Discharge Data

The hospitalization data in this IBIS-Q query module are maintained by the New Mexico Department of Health, Health Systems Epidemiology Program in the Epidemiology and Response Division. They include all non-federal acute care inpatient hospitalizations in New Mexico.

Getting Started

* Follow the steps to FILTER the data to a subpopulation (or leave the data unfiltered for statewide results), AND to select how to CLASSIFY variables, such as age and geography, that you want to use in the last step. * Use the last step, "How to display the data," to choose HOW TO GROUP your results and to make map and graph choices.
* When you are done selecting your query criteria, click "Submit" to get your query result. [[br]] Please note the HIDD data take a little longer to query, especially if several years have been included. Please be patient.
  • Select Primary or Other Diagnoses. For "Any diagnosis" select both checkboxes.

  • Choose a geography type or filter the data to limited geographic area(s).

    • Select counties to filter the data, choose "Geographic Area" in the Display-by step to stratify by geography.

    • Select health regions to filter the data, choose "Geographic Area" in the Display-by step to stratify by geography.

    • Select urban and rural areas to filter the data, choose "Geographic Area" in the Display-by step to stratify by geography.

  • Choose measurement period (based on hospital discharge date)

  • Choose population groups to filter the data.

    • Select males or females to filter the data, choose "Patient's Sex" in the Display-by step to stratify by sex.

    • Select race/ethnicity groups to filter the data, choose "NMDOH Race/Ethnicity" in the Display-by step to stratify by race/ethnicity.

    • Select age groups here to filter the data, to stratify by age groups choose a grouping here and choose "Age Group" in the Display-by step.

The data and information provided through the NM-IBIS Query System are intended to support any individuals or entities engaged in activities designed solely to enhance the well-being of a specific community, which may include State of New Mexico. Allowed activities include informing evidence-based decision making in New Mexico to plan and improve health service delivery, evaluate health care interventions and systems, and inform health policy decisions. Other uses are not permissible.

As an NM-IBIS Query System user, I AGREE TO:
  1. Use the data for statistical reporting and analysis only.
  2. Avoid any attempt to identify or contact individual(s) represented in the NM-IBIS query system data.
  3. Avoid disclosure or use of the identity of any individual(s) discovered inadvertently.
  4. Avoid linkage of IBIS-PH query system data with other data that, after linkage, might allow identification of an individual represented in the IBIS-PH query system data.
  5. Use appropriate safeguards to prevent the identification of any individual(s) represented in the data, including when disclosing NM-IBIS Query System data to others.
  6. Report IMMEDIATELY any inadvertent or intentional identity disclosures or violations of this agreement of which I become aware to the Epidemiology and Response Division, New Mexico Department of Health, (505) 827-5274.

The information provided above is from the New Mexico Department of Health's NM-IBIS web site ( The information published on this website may be reproduced without permission. Please use the following citation: "Retrieved Sun, 28 November 2021 from New Mexico Department of Health, Indicator-Based Information System for Public Health Web site:".

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