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Query Results for New Mexico YRRS Data Queries (Odd-Numbered Years) - Current synthetic marijuana use

Current synthetic marijuana use Filter: Current synthetic marijuana use
Year Filter: 2013
Data Grouped By:County

Question Wording:

Answered one or more times to the question, "During the past 30 days, how many times did you use synthetic marijuana (also called K2 or Spice)?"

Weighted Survey Data

The percentages reported above have been produced by weighting the sample so that the results better represent the New Mexico population. The sample sizes reported in the table are unweighted. Percentages calculated using the unweighted sample sizes will not be accurate.

Statistical Stability

Statistical stability, reported in the data table, is based on a statistic called the "Relative Standard Error," or RSE, which is the standard error expressed as a proportion of the point estimate (e.g., 30% of the point estimate). The following conventions are used here to interpret the RSE. * A dash (-) means that the relative standard error (RSE) is below 0.30 and the count or rate may be considered stable. * "Unstable" is displayed when the RSE is 0.30-0.50. An unstable count or rate may fluctuate widely across time periods due to random variation (chance). * "Very Unstable" is displayed when the RSE is greater than 0.50. A very unstable count or rate should not be used to inform decisions. You may combine years or otherwise increase the population size used in the query to achieve a more stable count or rate. Problems with statistical instability typically occur when there is a small number of health events in a small population. For more information on statistical stability, visit the NM-IBIS Reliability & Validity page [].

NM-IBIS Map Guidance

For guidance on NM-IBIS map categories, please visit [].

U.S. Data

Comparable data for the other states may be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Youth Online [] or Youth Risk Behaviors Data [] websites.
  • New Mexico Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey, New Mexico Department of Health and Public Education Department, with technical assistance and support from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey

Conducted in the fall of odd-numbered years, the survey is a collaborative product of the New Mexico Department of Health (NM DOH) and the New Mexico Public Education Department (NM PED), with additional assistance from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Adolescent and School Health.

On July 1, 2013, all NM-IBIS datasets were modified to use the new Race/Ethnicity definition. For more information, please visit: [].

YRRS Survey Sample

The YRRS survey sample has different components, designed for tabulating survey results for different New Mexico geographic levels. The statewide sample was designed for tabulating results for New Mexico, overall. Results tabulated from this survey sample will match data reported by CDC-DASH on its website (www.cdc.healthyyouth/yrbs) and in any CDC publications. Starting in 2005, an expanded sample of schools and youth was also collected and is used to tabulate YRRS data for sub-state geographies (county, region and urban/rural counties). Percentages from these queries will not necessarily match the percentages calculated from the statewide survey sample. The Sandoval County rates have been suppressed prior to 2011 because a large school district in that county did not participate in the survey, rendering the results non-representative of Sandoval County. [[br]][[br]]
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The dataset was last updated on: Thu, 11 May 2017 10:11:36 MDT

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