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Getting Started

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  • Using birth control at conception
  • Smoked 3 months before pregnancy
  • Drank 3 months before pregnancy
  • Taking multivitamin
  • Physical abuse by husband/partner before pregnancy
  • Pregnancy intention
  • Source of prenatal care (1999-2003,2008-2013)
  • Prenatal care as early as wanted (1999-2011)
  • WIC during pregnancy
  • Smoked last 3 months of pregnancy
  • Drank last 3 months of pregnancy
  • Physical abuse by husband/partner during pregnancy
  • HIV test during pregnancy (2004 and later)
  • Infant in ICU at birth
  • Baby nights in hospital
  • Insurance For Baby Couple Months After Delivery (2012-2013)
  • Ever breastfed
  • Still breastfeed
  • Baby Sleeps With Me_Another Person (2009 and later)
  • Baby Sleeps in Crib (2009 and later)
  • Baby Sleeps on Mattress (2009 and later)
  • Baby Sleeps with Blankets (2009 and later)
  • Baby Sleeps with Bumper Pads (2009 and later)
  • Baby Sleeps with Pillows (2009 and later)
  • Baby Sleeps with Toys (2009 and later)
  • Infant sleep position (2000 and later)
  • Well baby care-Any visits (2000-2008)
  • Source of well-baby care (2000-2003)
  • Environmental tobacco smoke exposure (1999-2008)
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