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The State of Health in New Mexico 2018

Afterward: Health Assessment and Health Improvement in New Mexico

The State of Health in New Mexico 2018 report was designed to support community health assessment and health improvement efforts in New Mexico. The report provides data and information on the health status of New Mexicans so that we may focus our efforts, identify the health factors that contribute to priority health outcomes, and plan ways to promote better health in New Mexico.

The New Mexico State Health Improvement Plan resulted from this process of assessing our state's health status, focusing our efforts, planning interventions, and implementing them in public health programs across the department. New Mexico counties and tribes also have community health councils that conduct their own health assessments and develop and implement community health improvement plans.

Various versions of this basic model for community health assessment and improvement exist, but all seem to embrace three components: assessment, planning and implementation (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Basic Community Health Assessment and Improvement Model

Community Health Assessment Process: Assess, Plan, Implement

  • Assessment is accomplished through reports like this one, the NM-IBIS website, data reports published by DOH programs and epidemiologists, and activities of community health councils. Assessment data and information are compiled and used to construct a health promotion or health improvement plan.
  • The New Mexico State Health Improvement Plan, or SHIP, is a statewide health improvement plan that is updated every three years. A statewide process to update the SHIP will progress during 2018, with local and regional community engagement meetings and other opportunities for citizen input and response. One important aspect of a health improvement plan is to set priorities. That is, the planning process should identify the health issues, risk factors, or outcomes that should receive the most resources and attention.
  • Implementation of the plan takes place through a number of methods, including activities of official, state-sponsored programs in the NMDOH, initiatives undertaken by community health councils, actions of the private health services sector, and others. The SHIP document will be available publicly on the NMDOH website (

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