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Health Indicator Report of Prenatal Care in the First Trimester

Prenatal care is the health care a woman gets while she is pregnant. Health care providers recommend that women begin prenatal care in the first trimester of their pregnancy. Regular, recommended prenatal care reduces the risk of pregnancy-related complications for the mother and infant and increases a woman's chances of having healthy baby at full term.


U.S. value for 2008 represents only the 27 states using the 2003 standard birth certificate. New Mexico implemented the 2003 U.S. standard birth certificate in 2008. Data from 2008 and later are not comparable with earlier years. See "Data Interpretation Issues" in this indicator report for more information on data changes as a result of the new birth certificate implementation.

Data Sources

  • Birth Certificate Data, Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics (BVRHS), New Mexico Department of Health.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, CDC WONDER Online Database (

Data Interpretation Issues

The U.S. revised the birth certificate in 2003. Many of the new variable formats (such as that for prenatal care) were not compatible with the previous formats. In addition, not all states implemented the new birth certificate at the same time. New Mexico implemented a new electronic birth certificate registration system in 2007 and the new birth certificate in 2008. As states began using the new certificate, prenatal care rates dropped off, largely because of missing data. The changes to the birth certificate make comparisons across states and across years problematic. A description of the impact of the changes to the birth certificate can be found here: [] (downloaded on 10/02/13).


The percentage of live births in the reporting period for which prenatal care was received in the first trimester.


Number of live births in the reporting period for which prenatal care was received in the first trimester.


Total number of live births in the reporting period. (Births where prenatal care was unreported were counted in the denominator.)
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